Review Policy

Reviews on Our Family Reviews will be a mix of items that we have paid for ourselves or ones that we have received for free in order to write an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own and will not be influenced or controlled by a brand. Where a review item has been supplied for free we will disclose this on the bottom on each review.

Book reviews will be featured on our sister website

If you are a company interested in having a review and/or competition on Our Family Reviews of your product or venue please email with any questions.

We do not charge for reviews. Our reviews are posted on Our Family Reviews (we use nofollow links on any links in the review) with mentions on Facebook and Twitter. In some cases we will use some affiliate links in our posts (where we may receive a small commission) but this does not impact the reviewer’s opinion of the reviewed item. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.


Please note that opinions stated in our reviews and articles are those of the reviewer and are not necessarily that of Our Family Reviews as a publication. While Our Family Reviews cannot guarantee the accuracy of all content we do aim to make sure it as accurate as possible. If there are inaccuracies (except where it is a reviewer’s opinion) then you can email and ask for it be corrected.