Zurleys Xavier Large Bean Bag Seats Review

Bean Bag

We are big fans of functional gifts in our house. Of course, the first priority is always that the kids will get something that they will love and enjoy, but it’s all the better if it’s something that’s actually useful too! As the kids are getting older, they are starting to get more into gaming on the console, but we don’t want them to have one in their bedroom; they have to use it in the lounge so we can keep an eye on what they’re doing and how much screen time they’re actually getting. Up to now, they have tended to sit on the floor when they’re gaming – they like to have a snack or a drink when they’re playing, and we have a strict ‘no eating or drinking on the new settee’ rule. Goodness knows how long it’ll actually last, but for the time being, the rule is in place and the settee is pristine!

Having said that, as they are getting a bit older, and are playing more involved games for longer, sitting on the floor isn’t really a hugely comfortable option. We don’t have the space in the lounge for gaming chairs, and folding chairs don’t tend to be awfully comfy, so we decided bean bags would be the way to go.

The Xavier Bean Bag Seats from Zurleys seemed absolutely perfect for us – they are larger sized, so would last the kids well beyond childhood and into their teenage years, as well as being big enough to bring out as extra seating when we have people over at the house. On top of this, they are available in three fantastic bright colours, meaning the kids could each choose their favourite colour, and they are made from a super practical, easily wipeable fabric. They are available in pink, green or orange and measure 130cm x 100cm x 25cm.

The bean bags arrived within a few days of ordering, and arrived in large, cardboard boxes. There is minimal setup required – the polystyrene ‘beans’ are already in their zippable, mesh holding bag, so all you need to do is unfold the coloured outer case and insert the inner beanbag. The whole process takes just a minute or two, so is really quick and easy. We were incredibly impressed with the quality of the Xavier bean bag – the inner bag is a lot more robust than other bean bags we have had before, and we particularly liked that it has a zip to allow you to remove some of the beans should you want a slightly flatter bean bag. The fabric on the outer case really is great quality too; it feels very thick and we were surprised to see just how well the whole thing is put together. Three of the edges are triple-stitched which makes the product feel very robust, and the fourth edge is secured by a very sturdy zip and a full-length of wide, thick Velcro.

The kids are over the moon with them and haven’t really been off them since they arrived. They obviously find them more comfortable than the floor, but also seem to favour them over the settee. They are certainly large enough for an adult to comfortably use and are light enough to move around the house when their friends come over and they want extra seating in their bedrooms. Because of the fabric they are made from, they will also be perfect for dragging into the garden in the summer too! I have absolutely no concerns about their robustness and are standing up perfectly well to being lolloped on, flumped on and jumped on!

They make a brilliant, flexible addition to the house for extra seating when we need it, as they stash away in the under-stairs cupboard so well. They would also make a brilliant gift for a child who spends time gaming or watching tv, as well as for an avid reader who might want a cosy corner in their bedroom. They’re not the cheapest, but good quality bean bags never are and these are certainly very good quality bean bags!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £66

For more information or to buy visit www.zurleys.co.uk.

DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.