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A fun monthly magazine for kids with curious minds


Kids these days really are obsessed with their phones and other devices, staring at inane nonsense for hours on end. Mention anything that might be of any educational benefit and their heads will go into a spin. In our house we love anything that gets the kids off their devices for longer and can help them learn new things without them actually realising it. So we were all really keen and excited to put away their devices and have a read of the new Britannica Magazine when it popped through the letterbox.

The Britannica Magazine is a monthly non-fiction magazine (10 issues per year with bumper two-month issues in July and December). It is aimed at readers from 7-11 year olds and is packed with a wide range of fascinating topics that are fact-checked and verified by experts (Britannica Encyclopaedia /, from space and animals to inventions and weird but true facts (for example, when will humans travel to Mars? What animals really rule the Earth? How many kilogrammes of poo are pooped by people every second?), awesome editorials, beautiful illustrations and jaw-dropping photography. And if that isn’t enough, readers can also be wowed with quizzes, hilarious jokes and even a recipe or two! The magazines have a variety of topics with an excellent focus on general knowledge, science and nature, geography and history and even current affairs – something to suit every child’s interest. We received three issues to peruse: the Introductory Issue, April 2022 and May 2022 editions, and we are very impressed.

With a name like Britannica Magazine and knowing that it has been produced in conjunction with Britannica Encyclopaedia you know that it is a magazine that is jam-packed with facts, figures and articles that all have some sort of education value. But being a kid’s magazine it is presented in a way that will hold a child’s interest (as well as us adult readers, we loved it just as much as the kids). With following fact trails on the FACTopia pages and the lists of unusual facts on the Listified pages to the Eureka (fascinating inventions and discoveries) to Every Second (facts abouts things that happen throughout the world every second) to picture quizzes and The Big Britannica Quiz (tests knowledge of what you have read and learned from the pages of the magazine), each magazine has 50+ pages of child-friendly information that makes very interesting reading without being dumbed down.

FACTopia Fact
Did you know that the colour of a chicken’s earlobe often determines what colour its eggs will be?

The articles / editorials such as Mission to Mars, Earth’s Invaders and How to Discover Your Own Dinosaur are presented and written well, broken up with fun and interesting pages of fun facts, lists, stunning photos from the animal kingdom (the close up photo of the veiled chameleon shooting out its tongue to catch its food is just fantastic) and lots more. There really is something that will pique the interest of every reader.

The magazine is brightly coloured, enticing and engaging with a variety of topics to read, quizzes and jokes to interact with and the magazine pages feel very good quality.

Good quality magazines don’t come cheap, and the Britannica Magazine is no exception. It is £5.99 per month and has 10 issues throughout the year with bumper two-month issues in July and December. The information contained within its pages has all been fact checked and verified by experts so you can be assured that everything your child reads within it is true with no “fake news” making it very educational and trustworthy (you can even write in and ask the experts your own questions), so we think that a subscription is definitely worth the monthly / annual cost. If you decide to take out an annual subscription at £59.99 you will also receive a FREE copy of Britannica’s All New Children’s Encyclopaedia (worth £25) to accompany the printed magazine as well as access to the digital versions. A 6-month magazine plan is also available for £29.99 that gives you the printed and digital versions and a free book as a gift – Britannica’s FACTopia! Follow the Trail of 400 Facts (worth £10).

LISTified Fact
Did you know that in the UK it is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament?

We have enjoyed reading the magazines in our household. The kids have really enjoyed reading new facts and the longer articles and regaling us with their knowledge and the adults have learned lots of new things as well. We have enjoyed taking The Big Britannica Quiz together, it is perfect for testing knowledge and understanding and helps to reinforce what the children have read and actually got them asking more questions about anything that they didn’t understand.

The Britannica Magazine is an excellent informative and fun way to broaden a child’s education, general knowledge and world events. It can be picked up and dipped in and out of as required and everybody will learn lots of new and interesting things and keeps the reader engaged with the magazine with the way it is laid out and the variety of topics and the fun snippets of fun facts.

And just so that you are not being overloaded with brain-expanding knowledge, at the back of each magazine there are puzzles, games, jokes and riddles to lighten the load

Every page is packed with fun, informative and factual information that children will love reading.

Rating: 5/5

Price: £5.99 monthly plan / £29.99 6-month plan / £59.99 12-month plan

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DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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