How to Become a Grade Riser Booklet – FREE DOWNLOAD

A MUST HAVE for Parents, Teachers and NQTs

Grade Riser

Education is extremely important, and we spend years within the educational system. But whilst children may be able to take the information in and understand it, studying for tests and exams to achieve better grades is something entirely different altogether. Learning to study is a skill in itself.

Oaka Books have some excellent resources to help teachers, parents and children revise and study. We loved using their Revision Packs for visual learners during the previous school year. Now we have teamed up with them again to offer all of our readers a FREE GCSE Study Skills Topic Booklet – How to Become a Grade Riser. This 36-page booklet, written by Dr. Susie Nyman, is a very informative look, in a very easy to read format, at how to help children raise their grades – a MUST HAVE for parents, teachers and NQTs.

With over 25 years of teaching experience, Dr Susie Nyman has a real understanding of what it takes to improve your grades. This booklet encapsulates her experience in an easy to read format with a selection of her most effective, easy to implement ideas that will really work to improve grades. No, there isn’t a magic wand to be waved sadly, but armed with the right techniques, ones that really work, you, your children or pupils will have a real fighting chance to be the best that they can be in the exam room.

To download your FREE copy today just click the button below (you will be taken to the Oaka Books website).


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