Russell Hobbs 3 in 1 Deep Fill Snack Maker Review

Snack Maker

Our kitchens are filled with all sorts of “useful” gadgets. Some are so useful that they get used once and then buried in a cupboard with the rest of the gadgets in the “gadget graveyard”. So, when we do fancy a hot snack, trying to find the right gadget can take longer than actually preparing the food by hand.

With very little space in the kitchen cupboards I am going to have to go through the cupboards and decide which gadgets I don’t really use and what I want to keep – all to make room for the newest and latest ones. And on that note, Russell Hobbs sent me the most useful one of all that will take little space in the cupboard and one that is actually 3 gadgets in one (and is one that I have already used more than once!).

I received the Russell Hobbs 3 in 1 Deep Fill Snack Maker – a toasted sandwich maker, waffle maker and a grill all in one unit. How does that work I hear you ask? It has easily removable plates for each style of food, making life much easier.

The Russell Hobbs 3 in 1 Deep Fill Snack Maker is a two portion 760w snack maker. As mentioned previously, it comes with 3 sets of very easily removable plates which make it extremely easy to create completely different foods, and quickly! Making it the perfect kitchen gadget, especially if you want a quick and tasty snack.

I decided to try it out with something really quick and easy – a toasted cheese sandwich. I inserted the 2 sandwich plates and locked them into place, added a slice of bread (buttered side face down) and pushed the bread into the crevices to give a deep fill, filled it with cheese and then placed a slice of bread on top (buttered side up). I then pulled the lid closed, latched it and waited a few minutes. I had the perfect toasted cheese sandwich and it tasted great.

As it was so simple to use, I decided to make some waffles. I have never made a waffle in my life, so changed the plates from the toasted sandwich ones to the waffles ones (takes seconds) and followed the very simple recipe that is supplied in the instruction booklet.

I mixed up the raw ingredients as suggested and poured around the liquid onto the two waffle compartments and closed the lid (for waffles you don’t latch it as they need room to grow). After 3 minutes I had 2 golden brown waffles that tasted perfect (just not entirely square). I was extremely proud of myself for getting it right, and edible!

Since then, I have used the grill plates with small bits of meat (ones not too fatty) and also to grill vegetables.

I am very impressed with the Russell Hobbs 3 in 1 Deep Fill Snack Maker. It is very easy to use and quick. The results are great, whether that is toasted sandwiches, waffles, grilled food or maybe even a panini and after use it is very easy to clean.

It is also easy to store in the cupboard as it stands upright, I just need to get a small box to store the other 4 plates in as I don’t want to scratch them.

This is definitely a kitchen gadget that really does make life easier, is one that will actually get used (at least in my kitchen) and is the perfect gadget for hot snacks for breakfast and lunch.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £54.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.