Qwickhose Starter Set Review

Universal hose connectors that won't pop off


Summer is nearly here; this year astronomical summer begins on 21 June 2023 (meteorological summer began on 1 June 2023). For the past couple of weeks, we have had some really great weather, weather to make the most of and enjoy the outdoors. For those of us lucky enough to have a garden we can sit outside and enjoy the warmth of the summer sun, but with a garden comes responsibility – we must look after our gardens to keep them in an enjoyable condition. With (fingers crossed) lots of sunny days to come that means less rainfall so we must water our gardens and plants – and that can be a pain at times, especially when having to change attachments on hoses or, worse still, the hose pop off! But help is at hand with the Qwickhose Starter Set, a revolutionary hose connector set that means less leakage, no hose pop offs and a simple way to change hose attachments and keep them securely attached to the hose.

The Qwickhose Starter Set consists of 4 hose fittings and a wall mount. In the box is:

  • Wall Mount
  • Wing-Lock Connector
  • Nozzle Spray End
  • Tap Connector
  • No-Flow Wing-Lock Connector
  • Hose and wall fittings (screws, rawl plugs) are not included

Qwickhose is family-run business, based in Hampshire. Made in the UK, to support British infrastructure and reduce carbon emissions associated with overseas production, from recyclable UV stabilised premium-grade plastics, stainless steel and rubber. Winners of the 2022 GIMA Innovators Seed Corn Fund (GISCF) at Glee Birmingham.

Now, we have all been out in the garden with using a hose, whether it is to fill the children’s paddling pool, watering the plants, vegetables or flowers or even washing the car and we have all had the hose pop off at some point, which can be so frustrating. The Qwickhose stops that as the connectors grip the hose much better with their wing-lock system by gripping the hose more securely.

The Qwickhose Starter Set comes with a space-saving wall mount that holds the connectors and once mounted on a wall can hold the connectors and you can even wrap your hose (not supplied) around the wall mount. The connectors fit 12.5 to 13mm hosepipe and are universally compatible with any accessories (e.g. spray guns and sprinklers).

The connectors are so quick and easy to fit to a hose pipe:

  1. Open the Hose Connector by unscrewing the nut and pulling apart the wings
  2. Insert your hosepipe throw the nut and push firmly over the inner tube
  3. Close the wings around the hosepipe firmly
  4. Screw the nut up securely over the wings

Once you have added the hose connector you can screw the tap connector to your outside tap and attach your hosepipe.  Then you can add the No-Flow connector (this stops the water from flowing if an attachment like the spray nozzle is removed without the need to turn the water off at the tap) and spray nozzle to the other end of the hose and off you go.

The Nozzle Spray End is a quick-release attachment and has 3 different adjustable patterns of spray: Mist, Shower and Jet. Selecting the spray is simple, you just twist the nozzle to the pattern that you require. You can also turn off the water flow by twisting the nozzle to the off position.

Overall, the Qwickhose Starter Set is excellent. The connectors feel very strong and durable, and the wing-lock system keeps the hose securely in place so that the hose doesn’t pop off when using it.

The attachments are very easy to install on to a hose and the quick release is easy to operate. The wall mounted storage is excellent, especially as you can put your hose onto it as well, but you will have to purchase your own wall fixings that are suitable for the wall you want to put it on.

Once the Qwickhose attachments are installed onto your hosepipe they are also compatible with other garden attachments such as sprinklers. The spray nozzle supplied in the pack is an ergonomic design and is easy to hold and comfortable to use for fuss-free use.

The Qwickhose Starter Set is a very good quality universal hose connector set. The wing-lock system is excellent and does a fantastic job of securing the hosepipe and really has stopped hose pop offs with the way it clamps down on the hosepipe.

An excellent system with great storage to help you enjoy your garden without any fuss, hose pop offs, or any broken teeth on other hose connectors. It is also supplied in a fully recyclable packaging box printed with water-based ink.

Very easy to install and so easy to use.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £39.99

For more information or to buy direct, visit www.qwickhose.co.uk. Also available to buy from Amazon here.

DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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