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The security and safety of of families, as well as our homes, is a massive issue. That doesn’t just mean securing the doors and windows, fitting security lights and cameras and remembering to turn on lights and setting the burglar alarm before leaving home. Home security also covers being safe online, for adults as well as children, which can be more of a minefield to get your head around.

With more and more of us having phones, laptops and tablets and various social media accounts the settings need to be secure (which means changing the default settings). When giving devices to our children, devices should be monitored and downloadable apps vetted and approved by the parent or carer. Also, children should never be allowed to take their devices to bed with them (too much temptation for them to use them during the night).

With it being reported that half of children aged 10 now have their own smart phones (the 8 and 10 year old in house do have one each), making sure that they are safe online is of paramount importance. Whilst children having a phone is great for when then are going off to high school and travelling independently it does need to be safe to use but without being so locked down that it becomes unusable.

In this digital age, information is worth a fortune and data harvesting is big business that could cost you a fortune. Add in hacking, cyber bullying, identify theft, fraud, explicit content, sexting, sexual predators and more how to you ensure that your devices are safe for use?

Well everything has security and privacy settings, don’t they? Yes, most things do but trying to work out where they are, what they do, how to set them up etc. can be mind boggling. Trying to find the right answers can be very time consuming and often conflicting advice is given. With an abundance of social media sites, anti-virus, malware and parental control programs out there, where do you turn to for advice? What extra software or hardware do you need? Where do you begin and how do you keep your children and their devices secure? Well now there is an answer to help parents, carers and you find out the answers, all in one very useful resource website – Simple Cyber Life., founded by Jonny Pelter, is an internet safety resource website, paid membership required, designed to help us get the answers towards online security advice in the form of convenient, educational and practical advice video tutorials, that are in plain English and simple to understand. The videos are designed to help even the most technophobic among us (and even the ones that think we know it all) secure our devices and use the internet much more safely, whether that is setting up your router correctly, checking emails or using social media sites. is a resource website to help work out what internet protection you need for your family, and how to use it. It uses step-by-step video tutorials to show you how to set up relevant security settings on your computer and phone (Android and iOS) with support options via email, phone, home visits and an online discussion forum. It covers more than just simple things like strong passwords and stranger danger but things like turning of geotagging on photos (did you know with it turned on someone would be able to download the photo and get the GPS information from it to potentially get the location of your home or kids school?).

The website also comes with a discussion forum where members can chat, share their own hints and tips and ask questions.

As well as giving help in securing your devices and apps, the website also gives advice on filling in registration forms – this is very informative and some of the things mentioned are simple small details that you would never have thought of, but can make a huge difference.

So way pay to join? Surely all this information is available on the web? Well, yes the information is out there but you have to do lots of searching and hope that the information is correct or the site you are using it is secure. By becoming a member of all the information is in one place and if you can’t find the answer to something, you have the ability to ask other members or Jonny himself. is a wonderful resource website designed to take parents, carers and internet users through the minefield of internet security and staying safe online. All the information you need can be found in one very accessible place on an easy to use website and the videos are very straightforward and easy to understand. While a lot of the information given is things that you can yourself without extra cost, there are some things that require extra software or hardware but you are told what you would to complete the task.

An excellent resource website that anyone who wants to make sure that their, or their children’s, phones and computers are as secure as they can be on the internet should take a look at. We have found it very easy to use, informative and constantly being updated with relevant information.

Rating: 5/5

DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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