SmartGames Colour Catch Review

1 Player | Age 7+

Colour Catch

We have, and play, lots of board games in our house and not all of them are family games, we have quite a few that are single player only, like the SmartGames puzzle games. Sometimes it is good to sit down by yourself and just lose yourself in a game, which is what I did with SmartGames Colour Catch.

SmartGames Colour Catch is a single player logic based puzzle game for ages 7 to adult. It a challenging tile-based game where you have to match the colours to catch the bugs.

In the box:

  • Game Board with Coloured Squares
  • Transparent Lid
  • 5 Puzzle Pieces with Transparent Frogs, Salamanders and Bugs
  • Challenge Booklet with 60 challenges and Solutions

In Colour Catch you must help the frogs and salamanders catch bugs for their dinner! To do this, you place the puzzle pieces on the game board so that the frogs and salamanders match the colours shown in the challenges. But watch out! The animals are transparent, and their colours will change on different parts of the game board.

The game comes with 60 challenges to solve over four difficulty levels: Starter, Junior, Expert and Master. The challenges are suitable for 7 years old and adults.

To play, you must first pick a challenge from the challenge booklet – they are all various levels of difficulty so there is something to suit all ages and skill levels. The plastic game board has a coloured grid, and you lay out the grey tiles that feature clear cut-outs of frogs, salamanders and bugs on top to reveal the colours of the grid below. You do this according to the diagram in the challenge book for the puzzle that you want to do. You then have to lay out tiles to try and catch the bugs, and there is only one solution for each challenging puzzle.

Overall, Colour Catch is an exceptional game that requires patience, critical thinking, logic and problem solving skills. The challenges slowly get harder and harder as your work through the levels making a perfect logic game for children as well as adults. The games are challenging but not out of reach at all, once you get to grips with the concept.

The quality of the game and the pieces are exceptional. They are made from high-quality and thick plastic, which makes they durable and can stand up to the constant handling and moving around. The effect of the clear cut-outs over the coloured grid looks effective, and almost make the creatures look 3D.

The solutions to each challenge are in the back of the book if you get stuck or need to find out where you went wrong or even of you just want to point a child in the right direction.

SmartGames Colour Catch is an excellent game to wake up those brain cells and get them firing. It is excellent quality, reasonably priced and the kids can learn through play without even realising it. A fun and challenging game with plenty of puzzles to go at.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £15.99

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