Surcare Sensitive Allergen-free Homecare Range Review

Sensitive cleaning


Along with an awful lot of families at the moment, we are trying to reduce the amount of chemicals we have in our home. My youngest daughter has sensitive skin, and she seems to really react to some fabric detergents and conditioners – usually the ones that are quite scented – so we have been on the lookout for a range of products that don’t affect her skin but that still do a good and thorough job of getting our clothes clean! I had never heard of Surcare before, but when we were asked to try them out, and I researched the company and their products, they seemed to tick all of our boxes, so we happily agreed to try them out.

Surcare’s range isn’t massive, but it contains everything you need to keep your clothes clean and fresh (laundry liquid, laundry power, laundry capsules and fabric conditioner) along with washing up liquid for keeping your dishes clean without drying out your hands. Everything in the range is fragrance free, acid free, enzyme free and dye free, and the whole range has received the Allergy UK Seal of Approval too, so they are tested and proven to be good for sensitive skin. We were sent:

We really liked the look of the range, and the white packaging with bright imaging looks fantastic – I’m lucky enough to have a utility room, so tend to leave all of the laundry products out on the worktop. Having the complete range matching and looking so fresh and clean is great and looks a lot tidier than having a mismatch of different brands and products.

We found that without exception, the bottles and containers that the products came in felt strong and substantial – nothing felt at risk of splitting or spilling at all. Whilst the products contain 0% fragrances, they do still have a pleasant smell – I’m not sure how to describe it other than they just smell clean but without any discernible fragrance, which we love in our house – I have never been a fan of anything overly scented and prefer my things to simply be clean!

Talking of clean, that’s something that we found the Surcare does really well. Quite often with sensitive or non-bio products, you feel that you are compromising slightly on the standard of clean that comes out if the machine, but not so with this range. We tried the capsules, the laundry liquid and the laundry powder, and they all handled the kids’ school uniforms and PE kits with ease, and the fabric conditioner left our laundry feeling lovely and soft.

The biggest test for us though has been my daughter’s skin, especially around tighter waistlines and cuffs where we find she tends to react as the clothes have more prolonged contact. I am pleased to report that after just over a week of use, she hasn’t had any rashes or reactions which is great for us and a big relief for her.

The washing up liquid has been just as good, and after a week of use I can honestly say that my hands aren’t feeling dry or itchy at all. I have to say that not all washing up liquids affect my hands, but some that I have tried have left my hands feeling dry and ‘tight’, but this one hasn’t done that at all. The washing up liquid has done a great job on all of our dishes and glasses, again without leaving any smell or scent residue at all.

I have been really impressed with the Surcare range and I will be keeping an eye out for it in my local Sainsbury’s in the future.

The whole range is available from Sainsburys, and parts of the range are available in Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose and Co-Op.

Rating: 5/5

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DISCLOSURE: We received these products for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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