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I have previously written about some of the struggles that we have in the morning with my youngest daughter’s frizzy, tangled hair, and using a silk pillowcase from This Is Silk seems to have quite literally revolutionised our morning routine. Well, we have also been trying out their pure silk towel hair wrap, although this time with my eldest daughter who has very long, thick hair. We try to avoid too much blow drying because of the damage that it can do to hair, so like most people with long hair, she walks around with a towel wrapped round her head like a turban for an hour or so after she’s had a shower to stop her dripping water everywhere and to try to dry her hair naturally.

The problem with this is that it quite often loosens and falls off, which she finds really annoying, and it’s also pretty bulky so it feels heavy and cumbersome on her head. The Silk Towel Hair Wrap from This is Silk promises to solves all of these problems, and more besides, so we were quite intrigued to give it a go. As well as being much smaller and less bulky than wrapping a towel around your head, the silk in the wrap gives the added benefits of frizz fighting, protecting the hair from friction whilst it’s at its weakest, and being better for the environment than microfibre too.

Just like the pillowcase that we tried, the hair wrap came beautifully packaged and presented, making it a great option as a gift for someone else, as well as a lovely treat for yourself. It is presented in a white cardboard tubular box, which really gives it a luxurious and decadent feeling. The wrap is available in two colours: Spa Green and Golightly Pink. We chose the green option as my eldest is not a fan of pink, and the colour is a lovely, sea foam green colour.

When we took the wrap out of the box, we were impressed by how lovely it felt; it’s 100% silk, but because of the way it is woven together and the type of silk, it feels like a light, soft towelling material. It is beautifully stretchy too – I was initially a little concerned that my daughter’s very long, thick hair wouldn’t fit into it, but the stretch is really impressive, and I would imagine it would be suitable for even the longest and thickest of hair. The final feature of the wrap is a little matching button on the back with an elastic hook to secure it, so hopefully no more towels falling off at inconvenient moments!

So, the moment of truth! After she had had her shower, my daughter lightly dabbed her hair with a normal towel, so that it was left wet rather than soaking. She then flipped her hair forwards and put the wrap on her head with the button positioned at the back and tucked the length of her hair into the rest of the wrap. The wrap is then twisted round so the hair is fully twisted inside the wrap and then folded back to secure the elastic loop onto the button at the back. The result is that your hair is fully covered by the wrap, so no dropping everywhere you go. We found that it was wrapped very securely, and even when she was playing on the floor with her younger sister, her hair stayed securely in place and because she didn’t have a big, heavy towel on her head, was so much easier for her to continue along with her normal day, in fact, she said that she hardly noticed that she was wearing it!

We also found, once she took it off and her hair was pretty much dry, and it was a lot easier to brush through than it had been before. I’m not sure if that was because it was all just staying still and not slip-sliding all over her head like a towel can, or if it’s down to the properties of the silk, like the pillowcase, but it certainly made brushing it much easier.

We think it would make a great gift, possibly for Mother’s Day, or any other occasion, but would also be really handy to throw in the suitcase when we are all allowed to travel again. It is so much lighter and more compact than a towel and it does the job so much better too. I would absolutely recommend this wrap, as would my daughter. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £40

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DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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