Wasgij Destiny 20 – The Toy Shop Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults, 1000 pieces


Screens in one form or another dominate our lives – most of us watch television, whether that’s terrestrial, subscription or streaming, most of us have mobile phones and then there are games consoles, sat navs are lots of other gadgets and gizmos with a screen. A lot of us will use a screen for work purposes and then we go home and turn on the television screen for entertainment. Whilst a lot of our entertainment may involve a screen, it is good to have a break every now and again and #DitchTheScreens. But then what do we do?

The answer may be going back to basics and our own childhoods and entertaining ourselves and our families with board games, tabletop games, jigsaw puzzles etc. Jigsaws are one of those items from my childhood that are still plodding away despite the advancement of technology and still completed by adults and children the world over. Whilst traditional jigsaws were cardboard pieces that were put together to reveal a bigger image, they were generally rectangular or square in shape. Over the years they have evolved, using different shapes, 3D pieces and even quirky concepts like the Wasgij (for those that don’t know, this is jigsaw spelt backwards and is pronounced ‘Woz-gidge’).

The Wasgij jigsaws are aimed at the adult market and look like regular jigsaws, are printed cardboard and go together as any flat jigsaw does, so what makes them different and quirky? I have already said that Wasgij is jigsaw spelt backwards, and this is a very apt name and indication of what this jigsaw does. Wasgij are jigsaws with a twist, the image that you see on the box is not the image that you have complete. To complete a Wasgij jigsaw you have to use your imagination and piece together a puzzle in more ways than one, to reflect an updated version of the image shown on the box.

We received a jigsaw from the Wasgij Destiny range, a “time travelling” range of jigsaws. To complete the puzzle, you need to use your imagination and piece it together by jumping forward in time and working out what the scene and characters on the box would be like in the modern day – basically you have to look into the future of the printed image to complete the new image. This makes the whole challenge of piecing together the jigsaw much more difficult, challenging and strangely, much more fun even if slightly frustrating at times.

Like I said, we received a puzzle from the Wasgij Destiny range, the 1000-piece Destiny 20: The Toy Shop. This jigsaw puzzle features a scene of a very busy and chaotic toy shop. The image on the box is very colourful, amusing and very very busy. Without using any hints, the puzzle is incredibly challenging. Even if you do decide to get a bit of help and use the hints available (You can find some hints to guide you along the way on the Wasgij website), the journey to complete the puzzle is a long one. It really is a fantastic and challenging concept, the perfect upgrade to the traditional jigsaw. The completed image will not resemble the image on the box but will be a future look of that image, so for example the staff will have aged, the toys updated but the scene remaining just as busy and chaotic.

As jigsaws go, we have absolutely loved doing the Wasgij Toy Shop jigsaw. It is much more challenging having to visualise what the image is going to be rather than the image shown on the box. Great for getting the brain working. The concept is absolutely excellent

The pieces of the jigsaw are of a good quality. They are made from recycled card, and they feel quite solid and durable. The printing on the pieces is vibrant and colourful and the imagery (of the completed image) is very well drawn.

Overall, if you like doing jigsaws puzzles or having a work-out for your brain (the brain after all is a muscle and needs exercise too) then the Wasgij is lots of fun and the twist over regular jigsaws is excellent. We really can highly recommend the Wasgij puzzles, and it won’t be the last one we do in our house. Although these are aimed at the adult market, with the complex imaginary and having to think about what the new image could be like, the kids enjoyed trying to help and enjoyed discussing what the finished picture would look like.

At around £13.99 for a 1000-piece puzzle that is very challenging, it is definitely value for money and the entertainment value is excellent.

Use your imagination to solve the puzzle of the future.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £13.99

For more information visit wasgij.com. Available to buy from Amazon here.

DISCLOSURE: All thoughts and opinions are our own. This review uses an affiliate link which we may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the link.


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