Artisans DIY Premium Leather Keyring Kit Review


Finding the right gift for the special people in your life can be challenge. Do you go for the age-old and safe staple of socks, ties or beauty sets or do you go for something completely different, something that will be remembered long past opening the wrapping? If you have a crafter in the family or circle of friends, or someone that wants to get into crafting, then a DIY crafting gift would be perfect. Crafting, and creating something, is not only fun but can help to reduce anxiety and improve your mood which in turn increases your happiness (and not just from receiving a gift), crafting can also help with self-esteem and all this combined can help fight depression. And you get something that you have made / put together out of it, possibly even a new hobby and a gift that you will treasure and always remember.

We love crafts in our house and are always willing to try new things. We have recently received the DIY Premium Leather Keyring Kit from Artisans (.Ar:ti|sans) that would make an excellent creative gift for the crafty member of your household or any of your friends that are looking to try something new.

In the box we received (that easily fits through the letterbox) is:

  • Pre-Cut Italian Vegetable Tanned Cowhide Keyfob
  • 1 Binder Clip
  • 2 Colour Options of Handmade Waxed Thread
  • 1 Leather Stitching Needle
  • 2 Canvas Cloths
  • 1 Silver Keyring Loop
  • Instructions

The Artisans DIY Premium Leather Keyring Kit is an entry level leather crafting kit made from premium Italian leather (tanned using 100% vegetable extracts) and whilst it may not be challenging for an experience crafter, it is excellent for someone that is new to crafting and sewing.

Trying to find a gift that is practical, good quality and something to get enjoyment out of can be quite difficult (especially when kids are looking for a gift for an older relative). We all have keys for our homes and cars and all need something to put them on. And what better than a personalised, good quality leather keyring.

Now crafting gifts can be a very difficult gift to give as the recipient’s level of interest and competence in creating something varies vastly, but the Artisans DIY leather keyring is perfect as whilst there is a small degree of skill needed to put together the keyring, it really is simple and a good introduction to leather crafting.

Our kit popped through the door in a small letterbox sized plastic-free box (made from FSC certified packaging). The small kit had everything that we needed to assemble our own leather 3x8cm keyring with detailed, easy to follow instructions on how to make it (you can even watch a video on the Artisans website if you are more of a visual learner).

Leather is quite a thick material and can be quite difficult to work with, but the simple instructions made making the keyring a doddle (even for someone like me that cannot sew). Firstly you smooth down the edges of the leather piece by rubbing some water around the edges of the pieces and rubbing with one of the canvas cloths supplies. You then place the leather piece through the large keyring loop and fold over so that each side is symmetrical. You then use another piece of the canvas cloth to fold over the bottom edge of the leather and hold this in place using the binder clip (this really does make it easier to hold to work with). You then need to thread the supplied needle with some of the coloured thread – there are two colours supplied and its up to you what colour to use. Now comes the sewing together of the leather. As this is an entry level kit it really isn’t difficult – there is no forcing the needle through the leather pieces to stitch it together. There are two holes in the leather pieces where you can thread the needle through and then wrap around the side of the leather, creating a tight bind after doing this several times. Once you have wrapped enough thread and it is tight and secure enough just tie it off and snip off any excess thread. Once finished, just remove the binder clip and cloth and smooth off the edges with a bit of water and rubbing with the cloth. All you have to do now is add your keys and you now have a gift that you have had fun assembling and one that with go everywhere with you.

Just to make the keyring that little bit more special and unique to the recipient, when ordering online you can personalise the leather with up to seven characters in gold or silver foil embossing (or choose to have none). This allows you to add a name or initials to the keyring.

Overall, we found that the keyring was simple to make and perfect for beginner crafters. The quality of the keyring and the leather is excellent. There is no need for specialist tools or any extra equipment required to make the keyring, everything is supplied with the kit, all you need to supply in a drop of water, your hands, eyes and a small amount of time and patience. The kit can also be purchased in a range of colours: tan, brown, black, red and cream.

If you are looking for a gift that is just that little bit different, you might think a keyring isn’t it. But the Artisans DIY keyring does fit into that category as not only is it personalised, the final finishing off and assembling is completed by the recipient – it just isn’t a case of opening the box and forgetting about it. As a craft kit it is very basic and simple to complete and the act of sitting down and using your hands to make something is an excellent stress reliever.

At £15 for the kit, you might think that it is a bit on the pricey side for a keyring. Possibly, but this includes premium quality components made and designed in the UK, free UK delivery in eco-friendly packaging, personalisation, a gift that will be remembered, and if that wasn’t enough you are also giving the gift of reducing stress, creating something with your own hands and possibly finding a new interest and hobby – Artisans have a whole host of handcrafted everyday items like keyrings, passport holder, pen pots and more that you can make from their kits with varying levels of difficulty.

If you are fed up with giving gifts of socks, underwear, scarfs or smellies then try something a little bit different with the Artisans DIY Premium Leather Keyring Kit.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £15

For more information or to buy, visit

DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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