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Unlimited access to 6,000+ magazines and newspapers


Christmas is fast approaching, and we are all trying to find the perfect gifts for our family and friends (and maybe that little something to treat ourselves). We all want to get our loved ones a gift that will be interesting, used and last much longer than the Christmas period. This year, why not give the gift of reading that can last all year – a Readly digital magazine and newspaper subscription! A Readly subscription gives access to 6,300+ magazines and newspapers, on a large variety of topics, that can be read anywhere on your laptop/desktop computer, tablet or phone. And for those that want to give or receive a gift that is good for the environment, a Readly subscription is perfect as it is environmentally friendly with no paper or printing used!

Printed magazines can be expensive, but with a Readly subscription you have access to read thousands of magazines for £9.99 per month (£2.50 per week), and that’s not just for you – you can share your subscription with up to four other family members as it has 5 user profiles. If all 5 profiles are used, that’s a bargain magazine subscription of 50p each per week – you can’t even buy a newspaper for that!

A Readly subscription features:

  • Low cost, unlimited reading – Get unlimited access to 6,000 magazines for one low monthly fee (or take out a 3, 6, 12 month subscription)
  • Top magazine titles – Magazines from the UK’s major publishers – your favourite titles await
  • Latest & previous issues – Always has the newest issues and previous issues, just a tap away
  • Offline reading – Download magazines and read them on any device, mobile or tablet
  • Family sharing – Share the account with your family, there are 5 user profiles available
  • No contract, cancel anytime – There’s no obligation or contract, you can cancel at any point

Readly offers newspapers including The Guardian, The Mirror and Daily Express and more (including local newspapers), magazines that include Celebrity and Entertainment with titles such as OK!, Closer, Heat and Hello!, Sport magazines featuring Golf Monthly, Horse & Hound, FourFourTwo with plenty more to choose from, Music magazines with Uncut, BEAT and UK Rock & Roll among the selection available, History titles with All About History, Real Crime & The Week to whet your appetite, Gaming with well-known titles such as PC Gamer, Fusion and Edge, Kids magazines featuring National Geographic Kids, Beano and Disney titles as part of the large selection, Crosswords and Sudoku including Criss Cross, Puzzle Life and Killer Sudoku to keep your mind occupied (most of these are interactive, if you open a puzzle and press and hold for a few seconds on where you want to fill in an answer the keyboard will appear and you will then be able to type in the answer), and lots more – in fact, everything from Aeroplanes & Transport to Wedding.

Overall, we love the Readly app. With its excellent selection of magazines and newspapers covering a large variety of subjects and topics there is something of interest to everybody in our household, from History to Tech, craft to parenting, politics to teen & young adults and lots, lots more. As we all have different tastes in what we read, Readly allows up to 5 user profiles so that we can all log in individually and read the magazines that are of interest.

We found the app to be very responsive on our various phones and tablets, easy to navigate and fast to access and start reading. With such as large variety of magazines instantly accessible on our phones and tablets we always have something to read no matter where we are.

Readly can be read on a multitude of devices: PC, Mac, Chromebook, Android and iOS devices using the website or the free app. We feel that it is best read on a large screen phone or tablet, and you are able to increase the size of the font anyway to make reading easier.

You don’t need to be connected to the internet to read either as Readly allows you to download up to 500 titles for offline reading so that you can read anywhere, anytime and there is no limit to the number of titles that you can read every month. You can also turn on (or off) push notifications and have recommendations or new issue alerts for your favourite magazine.

I have already mentioned the 5 user profiles. These are perfect for the whole family. We have a profile set up for each of us so that we can each see our own content and reading interests. Parental control can be turned on, so the kids don’t have access to inappropriate content.


If you are still not sure, Readly offer a free 1 month trial period so that you can try it out for yourself and see just how good it is. After this time, you will be charged £9.99 per month (or buy a gift card for 3, 6 or 12 month access) but there is no contract to lock you in and you can cancel your membership any time.

We love the Readly app. There is so much choice, and with all of us enjoying different magazines it is so much cheaper than having a printed magazine subscription, plus you are not stuck with reading one or two magazines per month and can discover lots of new reading material as well.

A Readly subscription would make a perfect last minute gift this Christmas as there is no waiting for a delivery to arrive at the door.

Readly costs £9.99 per month, with no contract length – you can cancel anytime. Alternatively, if you want to buy as a gift you can purchase a 3, 6 or 12 month gift card and save up to 15% off monthly cost.

Gift card options:

  • 3 month subscription – £28.47 (saving 5%)
  • 6 month subscription – £53.95 (saving 10%)
  • 12 month subscription – £101.90 (saving 15%)

Give the gift of reading this Christmas, an eco-friendly gift as well. It’s digital and instant, so no paper, printing or postage, can be read at home or on the go and has so much choice that you will always find something to read.

Rating: 5/5

For more information or to take out a subscription or buy a gift card, visit

DISCLOSURE: We received a subscription for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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