Bake It Happen Review

3+ Players | Age 6+ | 30-45 Minutes Playing Time


One of our favourite games on the Xbox is Overcooked, a family co-op game where you have to work as a team to prepare, cook and serve up a variety of delicious dishes. Whilst we love it, our favourite games are still ones that we can sit around the table and play together, board games, tabletop games and card games. Now we can combine the food making fun of Overcooked with a card game in Bake It Happen from Lucky Egg Games.

Bake It Happen is card game where players have to collect ingredients to bake recipes whilst trying to sabotage their fellow bakers who are all competing to win the bakers hat. It is a game for three or more players, suitable for ages six and upwards.

The game is supplied in a carboard box that looks like a mini oven, getting the kids into the spirit of the game before even starting to play.

What’s in the oven (box):

  • 120 Ingredient Cards
  • 36 Recipe Cards
  • 9 Extra Goal Cards
  • 1 Ovens Off Card
  • 1 Greatest Baker Baking Hat

The idea of the game is that players are all bakers, and they have to collect and trade ingredients (butter, eggs, milk, chocolate, etc.) to complete recipes to become head baker and win the Baker Baking Hat. Whilst collecting your ingredients you also have to steal ingredients from other players and sabotage their recipes to make sure that you come out on top.

Overall, the concept of Bake It Happen is brilliant and we love it. It is a fast-paced game that is easy to understand and grasp once you play a game or two. We really enjoyed collecting our ingredients to create our recipes of blueberry muffins and chocolate chip cookies whilst being able to sabotage our fellow bakers around the table. The game ending when the Time’s Up card is drawn is a nice touch, leaving the winner as the one with the most points (points are earned by completing sets and their worth in printed on the cards).

Playing time is around 45 minutes (with 4 players) and it is very competitive, but the use of Action cards lets you sabotage fellow bakers by looking at their cards and stealing ingredients to complete your own recipes or to stop them completing a recipe.

We think that Bake It Happen is an excellent deliciously fun after dinner family card game that the entire family (from kids to grandparents) can play and all enjoy, although I don’t think that the kids will let it take the place of a real desert!

Whilst it is a game based on food and baking, the game has zero calories – although I can’t say the say the same for the snacks and drinks that you might consume whilst playing it.

And should your young budding baker’s get hungry and like the recipes they are creating, a FREE recipe book is available to download to help make the 36 recipes featured in the game.

An excellent exciting and enjoyable fun game that is easy to play where anybody can win and being able to sabotage other players is delightfully delicious. Bake It Happen would make a perfect family game for kids, teenagers and adults this Christmas.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

For more information, visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. This review uses an affiliate link which we may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the link.


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