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A fun monthly magazine for kids with curious minds


Well, it’s that time of year again and Christmas is fast approaching. You’ve working on your Christmas lists and are scratching your head trying to decide what presents to get and for who. Every year it seems to get harder, especially when the kids are getting older and their interest in toys starts to fade. So what gift can you get children that will be a great gift, one that they will love and will last a lifetime? If you have curious-minded children, then it has to be the gift of knowledge. Knowledge is power, and the best gift that anyone can receive.

For children aged seven to twelve years old, why not give the gift of an annual subscription to the factual and entertaining Britannica Magazine (the UK’s fastest growing children’s magazine) – at £59.99 for an annual subscription your child will receive 10 print issues delivered to your door as well as the digital issues (so they can always have them with them). These magazines are packed with fun facts, puzzles, jokes and the Big Britannica Quiz (tests your knowledge on what you have read and learned from the pages of the magazine). A big WOW on every page. And if that isn’t enough, the 12-month subscription also comes with a FREE hardback version of the Britannica All New Children’s Encyclopedia worth £25 (UK only).

What is the Britannica Magazine? The Britannica Magazine is a monthly non-fiction magazine for children with a target audience of 7-12 year olds (although it will be enjoyed by primary school age children to centenarians). There are 10 issues per year, with bumper two-month issues in July and December.

Each magazine is jam-packed with a wide range of fascinating topics that are fact-checked and verified by experts (Britannica Encyclopaedia /, from space and animals to inventions and weird but true facts (for example, how high humans can jump on different planets, what country gave women the right to vote first, who was the longest reigning monarch etc.), awesome editorials, beautiful illustrations and jaw-dropping photography. To top it off, readers will also be wowed with quizzes, hilarious jokes and even a recipe or two! The magazines have a variety of topics with an excellent focus on general knowledge, science and nature, geography and history and even current affairs – something to suit every child’s interest and maybe help develop an interest in other things.

The Britannica Magazine has been produced in conjunction with Britannica Encyclopaedia, so you know that it is a magazine that is jam-packed with facts, figures and articles that all have education value and is content that you can trust with every issue fact-checked by Britannica experts. you don’t have to worry about ‘fake news’ here.

As an educational magazine for children, it is presented in a very visual way that will hold a child’s interest (as well as us adult readers, we loved it just as much as the kids). The magazine is brightly coloured, enticing and engaging with a variety of topics to read, quizzes and jokes to interact with and the magazine pages feel very good quality. It is a magazine than can be read from cover to cover or dipped in and out of, but one that readers will always go back to.

With following fact trails on the FACTopia pages and the lists of unusual facts on the Listified pages to the Eureka (fascinating inventions and discoveries) to Every Second (facts abouts things that happen throughout the world every second) to picture quizzes and The Big Britannica Quiz (tests knowledge of what you have read and learned from the pages of the magazine), each magazine has 35+ pages of child-friendly information that makes very interesting reading without being dumbed down.

Overall, the Britannica magazines are an excellent non-fiction read, an excellent way to learn new things, a perfect way to enjoy reading and a superb way to get children discussing what they have learned with friends, family and their teachers (so can help with communication skills as well).

There are absolutely loads of insightful and informative topics, jokes and riddles and a great quiz in each magazine, plenty to keep the reader’s interest. And if you take out the yearly subscription you also receive the Britannica Children’s Encyclopedia which is over 400 pages of knowledge and fantastic facts that not only looks great on the bookshelf, but it is even better to read (and certainly not just for children, we love it). And it is so much more enjoyable flicking through the pages of the book, learning new and wonderful things, rather than just looking up stuff on the internet.

The magazines are extremely engaging with their highly visual design and will not only be enjoyed by young children, but teenagers, parents, extended family … actually it will be enjoyed by people of all ages – who doesn’t like to learn new and interesting things?

With the annual subscription, your child will receive the print and digital editions for a year, starting with the bumper December/January issue for Christmas.  Plus, the annual subscription comes with a FREE copy of Britannica’s All New Children’s Encyclopedia (worth £25), so there’s something to open on Christmas morning too!

A 12-month subscription plan costs £59.99 for 10 print and digital issues and you can even include a special Christmas message to go on a special Christmas postcard that accompanies your FREE book!

Alternatively, a copy of the bumper Christmas issue, at £5.99, makes a brilliant stocking filler – available at and WH Smith.

Give the gift of knowledge this Christmas, the gift that gives on giving by expanding your children’s knowledge on a whole range of topics, 10 times per year and delivered to your door!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £59.99 (annual subscription)

For more information or to buy a subscription, visit

DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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