One For All Smart Control 5 Universal Remote Review

Control all your devices with one remote


The average household these days will have a plethora of remote controls for televisions, set top boxes, DVD/Blu-ray players, stereo systems, streaming sticks, even light bulbs and plug sockets. Our house isn’t much different. Whilst the television in the living room isn’t on that much, finding the remotes for the various equipment can be a pain as no one ever puts them back where they should be and never are all the remotes in the same place together. The remotes get left on the sofa, windowsill, floor and anywhere else that strangely seems like a good place at the time. Whilst the Sky remote can control the Sky box and the television it doesn’t have all the functions and we still require remotes for the soundbar, NOWTV stick etc.

The One For All Smart Control 5 (URC7955) is a universal remote that controls up to 5 devices. It works with televisions, HDTV, LCD, Plasma, Projectors, satellite and cable boxes including Sky Q, media centres, Blu-ray and DVD players, games consoles (if they have IR function), audio equipment, amplifiers, active speaker systems and even features a NetTV button that allows you to bring up your favourite online video streaming service such as Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, BBC iPlayer and others.

The Smart Control 5 looks sleek and uncomplicated and feels very good quality. It requires 4x AAA batteries (not supplied) to operate. It can be setup for your devices by using a phone app that guides you through a few easy steps or by entering a code from the code book.

This remote is capable of controlling up to five devices so we were going to try and use it with the television, Sky Q box, soundbar, Blu-ray player and NOW TV stick as well as setting up the NetTV button for Netflix. With 5 devices to try and get working on one device sounded like it was going to take some time and probably be a bit fiddly and frustrating and we were prepared for it to not work on all our devices. Using the free app helped us set up all the devices and it only took a matter of minutes – it really was very simple and worked with all our devices. The setup app selects from more than 335,000 devices from more than 7,000 brands (including SKY Q).

The Smart Control 5 universal remote also has some other cool functions such as;

Three Smart activities – this allows you to Watch TV & Watch Movie & Listen to Music with seamless control of your devices without changing between device types. E.g. channel keys operate Set Top Box, volume keys operate Audio Receiver.

NetTV – if you have a smart television then this allows you to access your favourite online streaming service at the push of a button: Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer etc.

Future Proof – the device list on the app will always be up to date to ensure any future device to be available for setup as well. This makes the Smart Control 5 100% future proof!

You also still have the standard remote functions of mute, menu, volume, power so will still have the functionality of your old remotes.

Overall, we have been very impressed with this Smart Control 5 remote. It looks good, is very comfortable to hold and operate and the build quality is excellent. It is very easy to set up – possibly the easiest universal remote that we have ever had to configure. It has easily replaced our other remotes, they now have a new home in a drawer. When we now go on a remote hunt it is now just for one remote, not five. All One For All need to do now is make a remote that makes users put it back where it should be when finished using it – now that would be something!

One For All have made it very simple to configure all your devices on to one handy remote that works extremely well (at least with our devices anyway). One For All state that the Smart Control 5 Universal Remote is 100% compatible with audio and video devices and works with more than 7000 brands. We have only used it with 5 so far, all configured easily using the app and all functioning very well with the new remote.

If you have a variety of remotes then we can recommend the Smart Control 5 Universal Remote from One For All! We now only have one remote to play the daily game of hunt and find and just think of the batteries that won’t need replacing!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

For more information, visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

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