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Store up to four times more in your home

Vacuum storage

Home storage is something that we could all do more with more of. For most people storage can be a problem as we are all guilty of accumulating so much stuff over the years and are reluctant to cut down or get rid of things. That means that we never seem to have enough storage space, and our house is no different so we are always having regular clear-outs – giving things to charity shops or through freecycle pages on social media so that others can make good use of things that we have looked after over the years or even relocating items to the garage which then needs its own clear-out at a later date (maybe we just like having clear-outs?).

Having a good sort and clear-out from time to time is a must for any household or the house would just burst at the seams. It’s great to declutter every now and then, getting rid of unused or unwanted items and clothes that no longer fit, but that still leaves the things that we want to keep like the bulkier items that can take up a lot of room such as winter duvets and extra bedding and all that winter clothing now that the sun is popping its head out.

Now that the cold nights are pretty much behind us for a while, we no longer need thick duvets, blankets and electric blankets on the beds and have switched to thinner summer ones. That leaves us have to store the bigger, heavier bulkier ones and they can take up a lot of drawer or cupboard space. But there is a way to store them in the same cupboard or drawer whilst taking up less space – with a vacuum storage bag and we were sent some from Packmate to try out.

We were sent a couple of different sizes packs of vacuum storage bags from the Packmate range: a pack of Large High-volume Cube Vacuum Storage Bags and a pack of Jumbo Flat Vacuum Storage Bags.

What exactly are vacuum storage bags? Well, they are basically thick and durable plastic bags with a zip seal that when packed the air is sucked out of them using a household vacuum cleaner to reduce their size so that their footprint is smaller. With less air in the bags, they are smaller allowing more to be stored in less space and have the added bonus of protecting our stored items from damp, dust and household pests too. When storing clothes, duvets, pillows and even cuddly toys the air that is sucked out is extremely noticeable and the size of the vacuum bag and the contents is vastly reduced.

The Packmate Vacuum Storage Bags are available in three different sizes: Large, Extra Large and Jumbo. The large size (measuring 50x85x25cm) is perfect for clothing and cushions, the Extra Large size (measuring 60x90x30cm) is perfect for a double bedding set and the Jumbo size (measuring 90x110x44cm) is perfect for queen or king size duvets. The bags have a transparent back (so you can see what you have stored in them) and have printed instructions on how to use the bag. They are multi-layered recyclable material making them tough, durable and reusable. They feature a double seal zip which turns green when zipped to indicate that the bag is fully sealed. And they feature a very clever value that allows you to use most corded or cordless vacuum cleaners, with a hose attachment, to suck the air from the bag giving you up to four times as much storage. The bags are available in high-volume cube, flat, travel bags and even hanging bags – making them ideal for a lot of different storage situations.

The storage bags are a very clever, space-saving storage system. They really do help easily store a lot more of the bigger bulkier items in a smaller footprint of space as long as you have a hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner to suck the air out. We have successfully used them for all our winter duvets and extra bedding and well as blankets and clothing. They have helped free up a lot of space in the cupboards and drawers and store items much more neatly.

As for their operation, they bags are so easy to use. Fill them with the required items, such as duvets, pillows, winter coats etc. and seal them closed by pulling the zipper across (the zipper will turn green so that you know the bag is fully sealed), attach your vacuum hose to the bag and suck all the excess air out, reducing the footprint of the bag so that it takes up much less space. Within a minute or so, you have a smaller airtight package ready for storage with the contents protected from dust, dirt and the elements.

We think that the Packmate vacuum storage bags are are excellent. They are extremely easy to use, feel very tough and durable but best of all help store things like duvets, bedding, pillows and even old cuddly toys in a clean, secure and smaller space. Just be aware that it is recommended that if using the bags to store feather and down-filled items the bags shouldn’t be fully compressed as it could damage the feathers, and if storing man-made fibre filled duvets and pillows you should repack the bag and refluff the items every six months to maintain their bulk.

The bags are now even better for the environment and the eco-conscious as the packaging has been completely revamped with a huge reduction on the amount of single-use plastic used. You can find Packmate bags either in a box pack in Lakeland which has saved 20 tonnes of plastic packaging or in a film pack which is made from 50% post-consumer recycled material.

The Packmate vacuum storage bags are a simple but very effective storage system that creates a clean and safe environment to store fabrics, duvets, pillows, bedding, clothing and soft toys, all in a lot less space. The bags even come with a lifetime guarantee! If you are looking for simple yet effective inexpensive storage systems for your home the Packmate vacuum storage bags should be at the top of your list.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £12.99

Available to buy from Lakeland or direct from Packmate.

DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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