Planet Buddies Pepper the Penguin Wireless Speaker Review

Planet Buddies are raising awareness for endangered animals all over the world

Planet Buddies

In a tech-heavy world where we even speak to electronic home smart assistants to turn on our lights, it stands to reason that children’s rooms will be filled with all sorts of different technology. Smartphones, smart speakers, televisions, games consoles, Kindles, smart plugs (excellent for enforcing a schedule and routines like lights out time or television usage times), these are some of the electronics that you might expect to find in a child’s bedroom or playroom. But a lot of it all looks the same, bland but functional, but it doesn’t add that quirky touch to a room or add any fun talking points.

With phones now used as alarm clocks, media players and bedtime storytellers, phones have more uses than just phone calls but the speakers on them are not always the best and adding a wireless Bluetooth speaker can vastly improve your listening experience. And if you are going to have a speaker in a child’s room, why not have one that looks cool, funky and quirky like the fun animal character wireless speakers from Planet Buddies.

Planet Buddies who are an environmentally conscious children’s brand with fun, exciting tech and accessories, and have some excellent fun and child-friendly wireless Bluetooth speakers that children will just adore. All their products feature a fun and charming character who come with an associated story on the 100% recyclable packaging (no plastic used) to create awareness on how children can help to protect the planet and endangered animals. As well as wireless speakers, their range also features a selection of headphones, including wireless headphones, tablet cushion stands, lunch bags and many more colourful accessories, great for travelling and the home.

The Planet Buddies wireless Bluetooth speakers are available in Pepper the Penguin and Olive the Owl designs and are perfect for listening to music or reading along to your favourite audiobook. With 4 hours of playback and 60 days of standby time they are an excellent fun and quirky addition to a child’s room.


  • True Wireless
  • Bluetooth v5.0 (compatible with iOS and Android Devices)
  • Full-range sound system with 3w output power
  • Multi-speaker Pairing
  • Built-in Microphone for Hands-free Calling
  • 4 hours playtime
  • 60 days standby time
  • 400mAh Battery
  • Animal character designs
  • Can be used almost anywhere
  • 100% recyclable packaging, no plastic used

We received our Planet Buddies wireless speaker in the really cool Pepper the Penguin design (and it matches our Pepper the Penguin Tablet Cushion). Each animal character comes with their own story to bring them alive and help educate about saving the planet.


Hi! I’m Pepper the Penguin. I live in Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth! I depend on sea ice for places to nest where hundreds of us huddle together in a big group to keep warm against the cold. Brrr! Sea ice is also a platform that helps me to dive deep into the ocean to catch tasty fish. But climate change is causing our home to disappear…

How you can help:

  • Turn off lights when you leave a room
  • Choose glass bottles instead of plastic
  • Help us to keep our environment clean by picking up litter
  • Spread the word!

The speaker is a single speaker in a fun round penguin design that wirelessly connects to compatible Bluetooth devices such as smartphones and tablets. Once connected to your device it becomes an external speaker for that device to enhance the sound quality of what you want to watch or listen to. And that’s not all – connect it to your smartphone and have hands-free calling at the touch of a button.

Whilst it is a single speaker that can be used by itself, you can also pair it with other speakers with the multi-speaker pairing function – maybe you want two Pepper the Penguins or Pepper and Olive the Owl, to achieve a full surround-sound effect. We couldn’t try this function to see how easy it was or how well it worked as we only had one speaker.

Overall, we think this is an excellent little speaker that is perfect for any child’s room (or for my penguin-loving mum) and an excellent alternative to headphones or boring PC speakers.

Not only does Pepper the Penguin look great and adds a fun element to the room but it sounds good too, really clear without distortion. It is only a 3w speaker so isn’t going to bother the neighbours but is loud enough to comfortably listen to in the confines of a room or even in the garden (sounds much better than its size would suggest). With a wireless range of around 10 metres (approx. 33 feet) it works very well at home, and we had no signal dropouts at all.

The hands-free calling function is excellent, and kids can talk to their friends easily, at the push of a button, without having to have the phone in their hands – allowing them to continue to play or do their homework whilst still chatting easily to their friends.

It only has a 4 hour playback time from a single charge, which we feel could be longer, but it is easily charged through a USB connection, either by plug (not supplied) or by using the supplied cable and plugging it into a laptop. It takes about an hour to fully charge and can still be used whilst charging.

Planet Buddies are also very eco-friendly with no plastics used in their packaging and soy-based inks used for printing. They have also partnered with World Land Trust and Marine Conservation Society whereby a proportion of revenue from each sale is donated to each charity respectively to support their various projects.

The Planet Buddies wireless speaker is a fun excellent sounding speaker that helps to decorate a child’s room, gives them the option of hands-free calling and helps to educate about environmental issues and endangered animals. An excellent bedroom accessory.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £29.99

Available to buy on Amazon here.

DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. This review uses an affiliate link which we may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the link.


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