Red Candy Mingle Table Lamp Review

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We all like our homes to look nice and having an item of furniture that is quirky and makes a good talking point is definitely becoming much more popular. I was looking for a desk lamp / table lamp for my small home office and was sent the Mingle Table Lamp, designed by Leitmotiv, in matte grey (other colours are available) from the website that hates beige; Red Candy!, although my girlfriend likes it so much I think it is going to be a struggle not to have it repurposed as a lounge light (I can see us buying another one soon to keep us both happy).

The Mingle Table Lamp is from Red Candy’s table lamps range and is a Scandinavian design that I think has a very industrial look that I just love. Made from metal, it is mostly matte grey in colour with copper fitting for the bulb and adjustable arm. The grey and copper really do complement each other. Standing on a tripod, it looks great in my office (and in the lounge where my girlfriend keeps placing it). Standing at approx. 54cm it is a perfect size (if you did want bigger, a floor lamp version is available).

It does need some assembly when it arrives, and you will happy to know that this is extremely easy and no tools are required. Instructions are included, but it is basically screw the legs of the 6 legs together to make 3 longer legs and screw these on to the base of the light. The copper fitting is then inserted in the light head. There is a plastic clip to hold the cable in place, just to make it tidier, and this slides up one of the legs rather that clip on (the instructions do make this clear but I broke this this by not looking and doing it what I thought was the correct way, so do pay attention to the instructions). Once assembled, a E27 bulb (max 40w) needs screwing in (not supplied) and switching on.

The light is slightly adjustable to raise, or lower, the position by using turning the wing nut either side and moving in to the required position and then re-tightening.

The quality of the lamp feels excellent and it does look great in whatever room it has been placed in. Definitely something a bit different and adding a bit of style to the room. I love to read and it makes an excellent reading lamp.

My only very small niggle with the lamp (and that is probably just me being overly fussy) is that the light head doesn’t line up with the tripod legs as I would like them and would like to see the legs being able to be turned slightly to align it better (like I said, probably me be fussy).

So if you are looking to spruce up a room in your home or office with something just that little bit different then I can recommend the Mingle Table Lamp, I love it.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £45

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DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purposes of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.