Seletti Mouse Desk Lamp Review

Sitting Edition in Gold Finish

Mouse Desk Lamp

Lots of homes have pets but having a mouse in the house is something entirely different. I have to admit that we do have a mouse in the house, luckily enough for us it isn’t a disease spreading, damage causing one that eats through food and walls, but a quirky Mouse Desk Lamp made of resin that sits nicely on the desk holding its lightbulb to illuminate the room.

Decorating and styling a room can be quite stressful. What colours do you use? How do you accessorise it? Where are you going to place all your furniture? And what can you do to make that room different from any other, to give it something different that gives the room a talking point? Well, I think we found something small, useful and definitely quirky that does just that – the Seletti Mouse Desk Lamp in Gold Finish (Sitting Edition).

The Seletti Mouse Desk Lamp in Gold Finish (Sitting Edition) is a quirky little desk lamp little that will bring a quirkiness to any room. Definitely a “Marmite” statement piece – you will either love it or hate it!

The lamp arrived well packed in house in its own gift box. Once we released the mouse from its house (sorry, gift box), we had to decide where to place it and decided that the desk in our home office was the best place.

The mouse is made from resin, painted gold and measures approx. 5x15x12.5cm. It is fitted with a very generous 2.5m cable that has a rocker switch fitted. The supplied bulb is a warm white light – E12 1w (90 lumen 2200k) LED, which is bright enough for a desk or small table.

This cute and curious small mouse is posed in a sitting position and holds an exposed small bulb in its paws which emits enough light to have the lamp on a desk or bedside table and gives out a decent amount of light. The bulb may be exposed but as it is an LED bulb it doesn’t put out any heat, so if accidentally touched it will not burn.

Overall, the sitting mouse lamp looks really great and adds that something a bit unique and quirky to the room. It looks very realistic, with great detail and we really do love the quirkiness of the mouse holding out the lightbulb towards the room, lighting the way. It definitely adds a talking point to the room, the kids love it, and visitors always ask about it.

But unique quirkiness does come at a cost. With an retail price of around £79, it is quite expensive. That said, it is well crafted with some very good detail and is beautifully presented in a gift box which is great if you are buying it as a present for someone else. It is also supplied with the LED bulb, which should last a long time before it needs replacing.

We love the quirkiness of this desk lamp, others won’t, but it is something that is unique and adds an eccentric flair and a bit of panache to the desk and the room.

If you are looking for that little something to give a room a unique and quirky look that creates a talking point then we can highly recommend this Mouse Desk Lamp, and it won’t be bothersome or cause any damage.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £79

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