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Be different from the neighbours!

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A home is so much more than a house. It’s more than a place where we live, eat and sleep. A home is a place where we feel safe and at ease, a place that we feel emotionally attached to, a place where we can really be ourselves. When a house is truly a home it shows who we are, and we want to show our friends and family that it a special place and loved. So when it comes to home décor and accessorising, it can be a real struggle to break the mould when it comes having something different and quirky that actually fits in nicely with your home and personality. Standing out from the crowd is hard work, especially with less and less shops around when you can go and find something different. We all like to think we are that little bit different from the neighbours and have our own style and taste, I mean who wants to have carbon copies of the same beige rooms with exactly the same furniture and accessories? It’s bad enough that modern houses are all being constructed to an identikit standard, so we all need to stamp our individuality into them.

Whilst you can’t do too much about the way houses are constructed you can stamp your authority and personality throughout your home, room to room – from the smallest room to the largest, with the way you choose to decorate, furnish and accessorise them. It’s the little finishing touches that can really set your home apart from your friends and neighbours houses. Unusual accessories, quirky designs and features can really make your home stand out, add character to your lounge or even make your bathroom into a talking point with guests (as our friend Baabara does with ours).

Baabara the Sheep Toilet Roll Holder

At Our Family Reviews we have been trying out some quirky home accessories that we hope are just the little bit different enough to add that something special and unique to a room. Things that are different but without being too over the top or gaudy. We have been trying out items from funky lighting to wireless phone chargers to funky Bluetooth speakers and toilet paper storage to wall prints – some you might love, some you might grow to love and some that just won’t be for you, but one thing they will be is individual, functional and quirky.

Mouse Desk Lamp

Give your home a bit of a refresh and fall back in love with it again. It only takes some small touches to make a big difference to a room. The quirkier the item, the bigger the difference it can make – just don’t go overboard in your quest to be different, subtle and understated can be more powerful and create a bigger statement than a brash and in your face, look at me overstatement.

Check back here regularly as we hope to be adding more reviews all the time


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