Slumberdown Wonderfully Warm Electric Blanket Review

Electric Blanket

The nights are starting to get a lot colder and there is nothing like getting into a nice warm bed. But when the bed hasn’t been used since you got out of it in the morning it can sometimes be a bit chilly. An electric blanket is a great way to take the chill off and warm the bed. We do have one fitted to our bed, but it comes with problems; me and my partner can never agree on the same temperature as one of us is always hotter or colder than the other. We have recently moved home and decided that is was time to replace the electric blanket and Slumberdown kindly sent us one of their Wonderfully Warm Electric Blankets that has dual controls and multi-zone heating areas.

The Slumberdown Wonderfully Warm Electric Blanket is very different from other electric blankets that we have used in the past. Firstly, it doesn’t have any string that you have to somehow tie underneath the mattress to keep it in place – it has two thick elasticated straps that do a better job. Secondly, it has multi-zone heating so that each half of the bed can have different heats and even be turned on/off without affecting the other side. And thirdly, it has dual controls so that each person can control their own heat without being reliant on the other person.

Once out of its zipped carry bag, that can be reused or storing of pillows etc., the quality is already evident. It looks soft and fluffy, and feels like it to touch, especially as the sleeping side is fleece lined.

Fitting is simple, just place it on the mattress where you want it, pull the thick elasticated straps underneath the mattress and fit your sheet. You will need to plug it in, and as it is dual control (one on each side of the bed) you will need two plug sockets.

Using is also simple. As mentioned earlier, it has dual controls and separate heat zones. The heat zones are for each half of the bed and also for body and feet; all of which can be controlled separately. Once you have pushed the switch to the on position on the controller there are three options that you can set. The controller has LED displays; two that display numbers from zero to nine, which set the temperature levels for body and feet and one that is a LED light for timer options. To set the heat setting you press the body button until you hit the required number, same for feet. The timer button cycles between 1hr, 5hrs, 8hrs and 12hrs, with each setting having a differently coloured LED light so you can even see in the dark what the timer is set to.

Once you get your required heat setting, lying on it is extremely comfortable and most importantly, warm. Depending on what timer setting you have used, the blanket will turn off after that time. My partner likes a lot of heat whereas I prefer less but with more for feet (my feet and hands seem to get really cold). As we are able to control our own heat levels for body and feet, we are both extremely comfortable and not annoying the other.

Overall, the Slumberdown Wonderfully Warm Electric Blanket with its zoned heat and dual controls is excellent for the cold winter nights. It can be used to take the chill off the bed, heat the bed to a toasty level and be set to turn off after a set level of time. And best of all, as each zone is independent from your partners, no more fighting over how hot the bed is or isn’t.

The Slumberdown Wonderfully Warm Electric Blanket is available in single (with obviously one controller), double, king and super king sizes.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £75 (depending on size)

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