The Growth Mindset Workbook Review

60 activities for kids to overcome challenges, inspire learning and become a modern day problem solver

Growth Mindset

There are lots of parenting websites across the internet, with a large number aimed at mums – we are all probably aware of Mumsnet and Netmums. But there are also quite a few aimed at dads, like DaddiLife – the parenting website for dads that offers tips & advice on life, health and activities for modern day fathers. DaddiLife have also published a brand new workbook aimed at helping children aged 6-12 reach their full potential and develop a growth mindset. This workbook is called The Growth Mindset Workbook.

The Growth Mindset Workbook features 60 activities for kids to overcome challenges, inspire learning and become a modern day problem solver. Written alongside primary school teachers in the US and UK, the Workbook uses six key principles emphasising dreaming big, with explanations of how the brain works and transforming problem-solving into engaging exercises. And by mastering these concepts young children will internalise positivity that benefits them throughout their personal and professional lives.  The workbook is packed full of fun activities and ideas to help children develop self-confidence and resilience. 

  • Helps children on the road to reach their full potential
  • Helps children understand and achieve what a growth mindset is
  • Growth mindset is all about having the right attitude:
  • Learning and achievements are from dedication, persistence and effort
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Intelligence can be developed – it isn’t just something that you are born with
  • Ask questions, admit when you don’t know or understand something
  • Accept criticism and feedback and learn from it

You might be wondering what a growth mindset is. Well, if you’re not familiar with the term (to be honest, I wasn’t), it is a term that describe how we should believe in ourselves, our own abilities and achievements and that they can be improved on with learning and dedication as well as learning from our mistakes (mistakes are not something to be feared). It is all about belief and self-improvement.

If you have children that constantly say they can’t do something (before even trying) and believe that they will be no good at something, then this is the book for them. It teaches that we are not born with the ability to do certain things (or not be able to do them) but these abilities are learned, improved on and cultivated through trying hard, making mistakes and learning from them and dedication to the task. The belief that we can achieve more, grow our minds and abilities is a growth mindset and is extremely important, especially for young children.

This workbook is split into 7 chapters, packed with fun activities to work through:

  • Chapter 1: Me and My Growth Mindset
  • Chapter 2: Mistakes are just new opportunities
  • Chapter 3: The Power of YET
  • Chapter 4: Being an Incredible Problem Solver
  • Chapter 5: Trying New Ways to Do Things & Keep Trying
  • Chapter 6: Dreaming Big
  • Chapter 7: Your Growth Mindset Journal

The book starts with two letters, one written to grown-up and one written to kids explaining a bit about what the book is about and what it hopes to achieve. It then goes on to explain what a growth mindset is and does this extremely well using a simple metaphor that children of all ages will be able to understand and grasp the concept of – it focuses around two flowers in a garden. One loves to soak up the sun, grow bigger and flourish. The other stays out of the sun so stays small and will be unnoticed.  

It then goes on to explain how the brain works, why making mistakes is a good thing and lots more.

Overall, we have spent several days going through this book and think that it is excellent. We especially liked how it teaches that mistakes are not something to be feared but something to learn from and improve ourselves – mistakes can be an excellent learning tool and shouldn’t be feared.

With activities throughout the book that help children learn what kind of person they are and what kind of person they want to be in the future it is a book packed with plenty of engaging information and tasks to help children change a negative outlook into a positive one.

Most of the tasks in the book can be completed by the children themselves but there are some that do require the help and input from grown-ups. Working together helps to reinforce all the positive behaviours and way of thinking. When the children are working alone it helps them realise that they can do things that they thought they can’t do and will help to build that all-important self-confidence and the ability to push themselves further and help them think positively whilst learning how to solve problems.

There is a 7-day journal towards the end of the book where children can keep track of what they have learned and write their own thoughts.

The Growth Mindset Workbook is an excellent resource, an activity book that would work brilliantly at home and would be perfect for the school classroom.

This is an excellent book to challenge negative ways of thinking and try to turn them into positives. It is engaging, easy to follow and has plenty of space inside for children to complete the activities. A book that every primary school child could benefit from.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.49 (Paperback) / £4.99 (Kindle)

For more information, visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. This review uses an affiliate link which we may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the link.


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