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The weather is awful at the minute, as I am sitting here writing this the view from my window is grey, wet and miserable and if I dared to venture outside, it is also bitterly cold. At this time of year, we really do need to be wrapping up warm when we go outside. We all wrap up in our thick winter coats, but we also lose heat through other parts of our bodies, but whilst it is a myth that we lose most heat through the top of our heads it is still and very good idea to keep our head, ears and neck nice and toasty. And that means accessories like hats and scarfs. Women are great at accessorising and have lots of options, men maybe not so much. But why shouldn’t we? We all need those little items from hats, scarfs and gloves, wallets, watches and other small items to customise what we wear and make our look our own. Trendhim, from Denmark, are a men’s accessories website that offer quality fashionable and affordable items and they kindly sent me their Fawler Freddi Navy Urban Scarf & Kai Blue Kane Beanie Hat bundle, perfect for the cold winter weather.

Wrapping up warm when we go out is a must, but what we wear must also look good whilst matching our personal look as well as doing an excellent job. The Fawler Freddi Navy Urban Scarf & Kai Blue Kane Beanie Hat bundle from Trendhim accomplishes this very well.

The Fawler Freddi Navy Urban Scarf is a unique Danish chunky cable knit design and is composed of Merino wool (6%), Nylon (20%), Acrylic (20%) and Polyester (54%). It is quite a large scarf measuring 230cm (2.3 metres) in length and 31cm (0.31 metres) in width so does an excellent job of wrapping around the neck and keeping it toasty and warm.

The Fawler Kai Blue Kane Beanie Hat is again in a Danish design composed of Cotton (45%) and Acrylic (55%). This is nice and snug on my head and really warm, even on the coldest snowiest of days that we have recently had.

Overall, the Fawler Freddi Navy Urban Scarf & Kai Blue Kane Beanie Hat bundle from Trendhim is excellent. Not only do they do an absolutely excellent job of keeping the cold at bay, but they look great and feel really comfortable to wear whilst looking stylish and feeling like top quality luxurious items.

Of the two pieces the beanie hat is my favourite, it is snug, warm and comfortable and covers my head and ears perfectly. It also looks great and is constructed well, a real quality beanie hat that does a superb job of keeping my head warm.

The scarf is also top quality. It is a great length at 2.3 metres so easily wraps around the neck, and face if you want to, and is not too thin that it provides no warmth and not too thick that you can’t tie it or have it under your coat. The cable knit design looks superb.

Both items are in a navy blue colour and match perfectly, adding a sense of style and sophistication to your outdoor wear.

You can’t put these through the washing machine, they are hand wash only, but they shouldn’t need washing that often.

I love the fact that were delivered in 3 days from Denmark and that no plastic packaging was used. Each item came in a paper envelope to protect them and then in a cardboard box, so all the packaging was recyclable.

You can purchase the hat and scarf separately, but if you buy as a bundle you will save £5. At £69 for the bundle (includes free shipping) you might think that is expensive for a hat and scarf but you can definitely feel the quality of the items and good quality is worth the expense. And if you are not entirely satisfied Trendhim have a 365 day return policy – no questions asked (for more details on this click here).

If you want to be warm whilst looking good during the cold weather, I can highly recommend the Freddi Navy Urban Scarf & Kai Blue Kane Beanie Hat bundle from Trendhim. Super warm, looks great, top quality using premium materials and fast delivery.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £69

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DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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