ATTRAKEY S350 Bluetooth Headset Review


We have come a long way from listening to music on Walkman’s and Discman’s using wired headphones. Even MP3 players seen to have disappeared. These days, everybody uses their mobile phones and tablets for listening to music and streaming video. There is nothing worse than having to listen to someone else’s taste in music or subjecting strangers to listen to yours, so headphones or earbuds are a must have. But do you go wired or wireless? Personally, I will always go wireless as I hate trailing cables. And with Bluetooth on everything, it makes connecting wireless headphones a doodle. The next question is then headphones or earbuds? I prefer earbuds as I hate things on my head.

So I delighted when I received the ATTRAKEY S350 Wireless In-Ear Sports Earbuds. These are sweatproof earbuds (if you like to listen to music while running there is no need to worry about sweat damaging the earbuds). They are Noise Cancelling and have a mic so you can still take phone calls while using them. They are available in a variety of colours (I received mine in blue).

When they arrived, in the box was:

1x ATTRAKEY S350 Bluetooth Headset
1x Micro USB Charging Cable
3x Rubber Ear Tips in different sizes (Small, Medium and Large)
1x Foam Ear Tips
1x Hard Carry Case
1x User Manual

Unlike a lot of earbuds, the ATTRAKEY S350 Bluetooth Headset has a flat cable between the two ear pieces rather than a round cable, which I found be very comfortable around the neck. The ear piece itself has a rubber ear tips (they can be changed and come in different sizes) and a fin (ear hook) that goes around the ear piece to fit securely into your ear. The ear pieces are angled so have a better fit and are quite secure in the ear, even when moving (this is a secure fit making it excellent for joggers or exercising at the gym).

All the controls are on one ear piece (on/off, volume and mic) and are in easy reach and simple to use. Bluetooth pairing is a doddle (the Bluetooth has a range of up to 33ft), just switch them on and find them on your phone or tablet – you can even pair with 2 devices at once (tablet and phone or even 2 phones) so you can listen 2 your favourite music on one device while having the ability to answer a call on the other device.

The battery lasts around 7 hours from a single charge – it has an 85mAh battery (non-replaceable). Charging is easy. Using the supplied Micro USB charging cable, you can plug into your laptop or USB wall socket and charge the earbuds.

Now for the most important feature; the sound. The sound is crystal clear with no distortion. The ATTRAKEY S350 comes with built-in CSR BlueCore chip (CSR8635) and APT-X audio decoding technology, as well as CVC6.0 noise cancelling technology.

As most people tend to listen to their music on the phones, having the ability to still answer calls is a must. With the ATTRAKEY S350 answering is simple – just press the button on the earpiece. The sound is clear, and the mic picks up your voice very well.

When not in use, the ATTRAKEY S350 come with a hard-shell storage case to protect the earbuds from damage. This will fit in your pocket or bag and not take up much space.

Overall, the ATTRAKEY S350 Bluetooth headset is an excellent set. They are extremely lightweight, very comfortable to wear, the ear pieces fit securely in the ear and are sweatproof so won’t be damaged when exercising, the sound (audio and mic) is crystal clear and distortion free and the battery life is excellent.

This is an excellent Bluetooth headset for at the gym, out jogging or just everyday use. It has great sound for listening to music and taking phone calls.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purposes of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. This review uses an affiliate link which we may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the link.


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