Baabara the Sheep Toilet Roll Holder Review

Unusual and quirky bathroom accessory


When it comes to home decorating, trying to find something that is just that little bit different to the run of the mill same old furnishings can be a laborious task. We like to have something that is just a little bit different with just enough quirkiness to add a talking point to a room. Some rooms are easier to find things for than others but how do you add that kind of a quirk to a bathroom? After they are not massive rooms (at least ours aren’t) so there really isn’t a lot of space to play with or add something to. And to be fair, when it comes to decorating, who puts the same amount of thought into the bathroom as they do with the rest of the house?

Then came along Baabara. No, she isn’t an interior designer that has spent lots of time and money designing the best looking bathroom, but a functional bathroom accessory that adds a bit of fun and quirkiness to the bathroom, something that everyone who uses that room talks about. Baabara is a metal sheep that is also a toilet roll holder that ewe will just adore and an excellent way to store spare toilet rolls and add some character to a bathroom or toilet. Baabara holds up to seven toilet paper rolls and make up the “woolly” body of the lovable sheep.

Baabara measures approx. 37.5 x 27 x 13.5cm. There is very minimal assembly required and best of all, no tools are required (unless wall mounting). Out of the box, all you need to do is slot on the head to the body and fill with toilet rolls.

To “bleat” on about Baabara some more, she has four legs and feet, a head and a body and she can be floor mounted, sat on top of a bathroom unit or windowsill or even mounted on the wall (there are screw holes on the body but no screws or wall mounting kit is supplied). She is lightweight but sturdy and when filled with full white toilet rolls (you of course can use any colour of toilet that ewe prefer) to give her a fully white body she really does look great and is certainly a talking point. Despite her black body, she isn’t the black sheep of the family.

Since Baabara has taken up residence in our bathroom she has been a talking point with visitors. She has definitely given our bathroom a quirkiness that looks good, makes the room much more interesting and is a great way to store unused toilet rolls. She has even managed to get the kids refilling her when her fleece is on the low side (we just wish they wouldn’t leave the empty tubes from the old rolls lying around in the bathroom).

Baabara is an excellent quirky addition to our baaathroom and seems very happy in her new home.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £18

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