Colour by Playfoam® Unicorn Review


We are in the middle of some really bad weather in Yorkshire at the moment. After just having had a load of snow for a couple of days we are now experiencing torrential rain and flooding; the joys of the British weather! Add in the lockdown and some home schooling the kids are getting pretty frustrated, so we have been looking for ways for them to relax and get some enjoyment, without leaving the house. The kids both love to sit do something arty or crafty, which can be an excellent way to slow down and chill out. The youngest who is unicorn mad was over the moon when Learning Resources sent us their Colour by Playfoam® Unicorn to review (a dragon is also available).

For those of you that have never come across or experienced Playfoam before, the best way we can describe it is as brightly coloured tiny malleable and mouldable bead-like balls that are bound together in a semi-sticky goo. It is non-toxic with a no-stick formula (it only sticks to itself and not to clothing or the carpets), it never dries out, and it leaves no mess.

As already mentioned, we received the Colour by Playfoam Unicorn set, which is suitable for age 5 years plus. This set contains:

  • Five colours of squashy Playfoam; pink, purple, white, yellow, light blue
  • Creation Canvas – Unicorn
  • Squisher Tool
  • Display Base

The Colour by Playfoam Unicorn set is a plastic square-shaped ‘canvas’ (measuring 14cm H x 13cm W) featuring a playful unicorn. Using the different coloured Playfoam and the squisher tool you ‘colour in’ the picture of the unicorn. As our young tester loves unicorns (and their friends, who we are reliably informed are alicorns, Pegasi and ponies) she couldn’t wait to get started.

This activity takes around 30 minutes (depending on how careful and picky you are being). By holding the squisher tool like a pencil you squish different coloured Playfoam into the different sections that make up the unicorn picture. Once you have coloured your unicorn just how you want it you can stand it on its display base and have your own Playfoam work of art.

Our young tester loved the Playfoam, even more so because of the unicorn. We tried the Playfoam ourselves and whilst it sticks to Playfoam brilliantly to create shapes, it doesn’t stick to anything else, which makes it a nice mess free activity and would be perfect for supporting sensory and tactile development with its beady texture. The squisher tool is also an excellent aid for helping develop pencil grip, hand strength and dexterity.

It also isn’t a single-use craft activity. As the Playfoam has a non-sticky formula that never dries out it can be used over and over again. If you want to change the colours in your unicorn picture, just scoop out the Playfoam and start again. And if you want to be creative and use your imagination you can forget the picture and use the Playfoam to build your own models. We already have other Playfoam products here, so our young artist has managed to create some rather funky and bright versions of unicorn.

Colour by Playfoam is a good little art / craft set for use during art lessons when doing home schooling. It is also perfect just for playtime and relaxation, bringing out your creative side. It also has the added benefits of developing hand strength, pencil grip and dexterity.

At only £8 it isn’t even an expensive activity, especially as it can be used over and over again.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £8

For more information or to buy, visit

DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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