JOBY Rainbow Bumbag Review

The funky and functional carrying solution for Content Creators.


In today’s world, the world is full of photographers. Photographers with the ability and readiness to snap those interesting pictures wherever they go, recording life on the go wherever they are. That doesn’t mean that they are just millions of people wandering around with cameras around their necks, but it does mean that all smartphone users are potential photographers using their camera phone, and in the case of teenagers, social media junkies, content creators etc. constantly taking selfies and creative shots for all sorts of reasons. And for those that are serious about their photography that will require accessories and storage for them.

We have been trying out the JOBY PodZilla Flexible Tripod Kit, a versatile tripod for smartphones and cameras. It is excellent tool to have but when you have these extra accessories you need somewhere to store them and somewhere to put them if you want to take them out and about with you. If you are a budding photographer and want easy access to your PodZilla tripod and other camera / smartphone accessories, then the JOBY Bumbag is the perfect storage accessory for it.

The JOBY Bumbag is a 3-in-1 combination storage solution, a combination of a bumbag, sling bag and convertible pouch/backpack with more than enough room to carry your PodZilla tripod and other accessories. It easily adapts to whatever way you want to wear it and is available in different colours, we received the rainbow version,

In the pack is:

  • JOBY Bumbag
  • Carabiner
  • GorillaPod Ring
  • Screen Cleaner

The aesthetics of the bumbag are fun and colourful, featuring a reflective rainbow colouring effect that looks very impressive and different under various lighting conditions. The bumbag has two pouches on it, with the rainbow coloured one the main storage bag and the secondary smaller pouch holding a fold-away backpack. The bumbag can be worn as a bumbag/waist bag or over the shoulder sling bag, but whatever way you wear it, it has plenty of room.

Made from 100% polyester it is very well constructed and has lots of compartments (constructed with Ripstop lining, making it resistant to tearing and ripping). The main bag features straps on the bottom to safely and securely attach your PodZilla or GorillaPod tripod, saving space within the bag itself. The internals of the bag feature a fabric cord for your keychain and zipped compartments giving you plenty of room for your smartphone and other accessories. The smaller bag, as well as having zipped compartments features a non-detachable roll-out 8-litre backpack – handy for adding things like your lunch to so that when you have finished the bag just rolls up and is put away. The belt holding the bags is adjustable to suit different waist sizes and has quick release snap buckles for ease of use.

The bumbag also comes with some excellent smartphone accessories – the GorillaPod Ring and Screen Cleaner. The GorillaPod Ring is perfect for attaching to your phone and allows you to put your finger through the gripped ring so that when using your phone it stays attached to your hand if you drop the phone, hopefully stopping you breaking it. And the Screen Cleaner explains itself. It is a small disc that you can attach to your phone to be able to keep your screen clean and clear of fingerprints.

The JOBY Bumbag is an excellent system for easily carrying all the equipment needed for budding photographers and aspiring content creators. It can be worn in different configurations and the roll-up back up is excellent for extra storage that is easily put away when no longer needed. It features plenty of room, doesn’t impede anything that you are doing and can quickly be removed. It really is a fun and funky looking bag but one that is also extremely functional.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £63.95

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DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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