JOBY Wavo POD Streamer Kit Review

The ultimate professional setup for streamers and podcasters

Wavo POD Streaming KIt

We live in a world jam-packed with technology and where we do lots on things online. Lots of people love streaming sites such as YouTube and Twitch. With lots of streaming platforms, lots of people love to create their own content for these and many more sites and even their own websites and social media platforms. If you are a content creator and creating your own videos and podcasts, having the right equipment is essential. If you have a need for a microphone for any content you create, you might want to live stream on Twitch for example, you want it to be at the right height and easy to move into different positions or out of the way when needed. JOBY are experts when it comes to equipment for content creators and have the perfect microphone and boom arm with the Wavo POD Streamer Kit.

The Wavo POD Streamer Kit is made up of two parts: the Wavo Boom Arm and the Wavo POD Microphone. It is perfect for streamers, podcasters and content creators to add a more professional setup to their recordings, especially when you require a microphone to be in close proximity to ensure optimum audio quality.

In the box:

Wavo POD Microphone
 – Microphone Body
 – U Bracket with Mounting Screws
 – Desk Base
 – Pop Filter
 – 3/8” to 5/8” Adapter
 – USB-C to USB-A Cable (3m/9.8ft)
 – USB-C to USB-C Cable (2m/6.6ft)

Wavo Boom Arm
 – Boom Arm
 – Clamp (with cup and headphone holder)
 – 1/4″-20 to 3/8″-16 Mount Adapter
 – 1/4″-20 to 5/8″ Mount Adapter
 – 2x Red Rubber Cable Management Strips
 – 2x Black Rubber Cable Management Strips
 – Locking Base
 – Table Grommet
 – Allen Key

The JOBY Wavo POD Streamer Kit is an all-in-one solution for content creators. It includes the USB Wavo POD microphone and the Wavo boom arm. Both complement each other extremely well and are so easy to set up and use. The boom arm features a cable management system and even a cup holder and a place to hang your headphones. What more could you want to get the best from your podcasts, streaming or interviews?

The Boom Arm is quite lightweight, but it can take a microphone payload of up to 1kg. It attaches to a desk using the clamp encased in rubber to protect the desk (with the cup and headphone holder attached) or can be mounted with the grommet after removing the cup and headphone holder. The arm has a very good length, nearly 3ft (87cm). It opens and moves very easily; it can move 360° and has a tension adjustment under the magnetic cap. It is easily adjusted for multi-angle use. It has a good-sized holder for headphones to hang from and the cup holder is a secure way to hold water bottles etc.

But as good as the arm is, it is no use without a microphone. Whilst it can be used with other microphones, the Wavo POD Streamer Kit comes with the Wavo POD Microphone. The microphone attaches easily to the arm on a ball joint and can be adjusted to suit all angles. The microphone requires a USB connection and the cable routes easily through the boom arm which is then covered with rubber cable management strips in red or back (the arm comes with both options) so that the cable is neatly hidden out of the way. The red covers and pop filter accentuate the black of the arm and microphone body very nicely.

The boom arm and the microphone are so easy to assemble, and it only takes a few minutes to get it set upon the desk.

The boom arm moves extremely easy to position the microphone for the optimal recording. With an 87cm extendable adjustable arm it is perfect to use up close or across the desk. It’s modern clean cut design and cable management keeps everything neat, tidy and gives it a professional and clean look. The arm, whilst moves easily, is solidly constructed and tension can be easily adjusted by removed a magnetic cover on the joint.

As for the microphone, in its red and black colouring it looks great but sounds even better. The recordings are crystal clear. It is a USB plug & play condenser microphone that instantly works with laptops and consoles. It features a USB type C connection, which plugs into the base of the microphone and it comes with a very generous 3m/9.8ft USB-C to USB-A Cable and a 2m/6.6ft USB-C to USB-C Cable, you can use either cable depending on the connection you have on your laptop etc. The cable neatly runs through the channel in the boom arm which is then covered with a rubber sleeve to protect the cable and keep it out of sight.

The front of the microphone has a multi-function knob that turns easily to control volume levels, pushes in to mute/unmute and uses an intuitive system of colours:

  • Long press to switch between Headphone Volume (blue) or Gain Adjustment (purple) mode.
  • Short press to mute the microphone (red).

For broadcast sound, try to lower the gain (turn the knob counterclockwise when the LED is purple), while speaking close to the Pop Filter. Turn up the headphone volume (turn the knob clockwise when the LED is blue) to a comfortable listening level.

The microphone also has a 3.5mm headphone jack on the base of the microphone which is easily accessible when the microphone is on the boom arm or even when using the weighted desk stand that is supplied with it.

As for the sound, it is perfect. Crystal clear recording and selectable pattern option at the push of a button so that you can record in front of the microphone (solo) or front and rear (interview) patterns.

Overall, the boom arm and the microphone both have exceptional build quality. They are both well designed and the hidden cable management outstanding, especially as you also have the choice of red or black sleeves to finish off the look. They are both so easy to use and the audio recordings and crystal clear, perfect for interviewing and podcasts.

The JOBY Wavo POD Streaming Kit is a perfect setup for content creators and podcasters just starting out or even for the more experienced. It is a high-quality setup that looks and sounds very professional. Perfect for all your streaming needs.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £176.90

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DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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