STM Goods MagLoop Review

3-in-1 grabber, propper, and bottle opener for your iPhone


Magnets, aren’t they just great. Especially when it’s the MagSafe system on your iPhone (iPhone 12 and upwards). We all know that MagSafe is excellent for charging up our compatible phones without the need to plug in a cable but there are also some excellent accessories to use with it. We have been trying out some from STM Goods (probably best known for their quality laptop bags) with the ChargeTree Go 3-in-1 Charging Station and the MagPod Phone Stand. Now we are going to try our another handy little MagSafe compatible device, the MagLoop.

The MagLoop from STM Goods is a 3-in-1 grabber, propper and bottle popper (bottle opener) for your iPhone. Ingeniously designed for your MagSafe iPhone, MagLoop uses the power of magnets to securely snap to the back of your phone and give you a finger loop, kickstand and even a bottle opener all in one.

The MagLoop is a very handy detachable finger loop / phone stand for iPhones. It snaps to the back of a compatible iPhone using the power of magnets and is easily removed, no messy adhesive left behind. It allows you to hold your phone on your hand with the soft-silicone finger loop or swing it out to use as a desk stand, and weirdly, it is also a bottle opener – you never know when you might need one!

It comes in black or grey (gray) and is best used without a phone case, or with a MagSafe compatible phone case. As it is a MagSafe compatible accessory it is extremely easy to use with compatible devices, just place it against the back of the phone and let the magnets do the work.

Overall, the MagLoop is an excellent little device. It is perfect for using with the iPhone MagSafe system to attach it to your phone so that you have a finger loop to be able to hold your phone easier and more comfortably when using it to scroll through social media sites, streaming video etc. It also very easily pops out to become a kickstand so that you can prop up your phone on the desk or other flat surface so that you can still watch things on your phone without having to hold it (perfect for if you are streaming a full movie on your phone). And if you ever need to pop the cap off a bottle, no more using the edge of a desk or countertop, the MagLoop has that covered as it is also a very easy to use bottle opener.

The MagLoop attaches to the phone easily using magnets (you do need a compatible iPhone without a case or one with a MagSafe case). I love that when you have finished using it, it just pulls away and leaves no messy residue behind and can be used over and over again. As a finger loop it is quite comfortable to use (the silicone ring is soft around your finger). Propping up the phone works very well by pulling out the outer ring, but it can slip on the desk if knocked as it is a plastic ring without a non-slip base. As a bottle opener it is excellent and works very well.

The MagLoop is a handy little device to keep in your pocket or bag with its 3-in-1 functionality. At first, I was mystified as why anyone would need a bottle opener on their phone grabber/propper but it is quite handy and it makes good use of wasted space on the device.

The outer part is plastic so you can’t attach your phone to a magnetic stand / car phone holder with it on, but it pops off so easily that really isn’t an issue.

It did slightly move when used as a finger loop but never slipped off the magnetic contacts on the phone whilst using it (unless pulling your finger away from the phone with the loop still around your finger).

I like that it easily attaches and just as easily detaches when no longer required to use, no extra bulk added to the phone when putting it into your pocket.

A very handy little device for your MagSafe iPhone.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.50

For more information, visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. This review uses an affiliate link which we may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the link.


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