Minecraft Building Block Desk Light Review


Minecraft is a mystery to me but is massive with children who seem to just love the building block game that to me looks like a really old and antiquated game with no real purpose. But it seems to have captured the imagination of the children the world over, including in our house where Minecraft is played on the Xbox on a regular basis. I loved building with LEGO bricks growing up, children today love building with Minecraft blocks.

For all those Minecraft fans out there, we have been trying out a wonderful room accessory that will most certainly appeal – a Minecraft desk light. There is nothing special about that I hear you all cry. Our young tester didn’t seem overly impressed when we told her she was getting a new desk light either. But the Minecraft Building Block Desk Light from Lost Universe is a desk light with a very big difference, it has 16 light blocks that can be taken off, re-arranged or even left off completely to create your own Minecraft inspired light using blocks that are recognisable from the game including TNT, Redstone, Diamond Ore, and more.

The Lost Universe Minecraft Building Block Desk Light is officially licensed and is a desk light that all fans of the very popular game with just love. It comes with 16 moveable / removable blocks, painted with designs from the game (made from BDP – eco-friendly, naturally decomposing plastic), enabling you to move the blocks around to create your own designs – just like in the game! It measures approximately 20cm x 18cm x 6cm and it powered by USB (cable included).

In general, this is a very good light that all Minecrafters will love, especially as the blocks can be moved, rearranged or even removed to create a custom design.

Our young miner (Minecraft gamer) absolutely loves it and constantly has a different design in her room, shining away once the evening starts drawing in. The light comes with a long base (where the power is plugged in, the on/off switch is) and the 16 blocks are then built up on. Once a block is plugged in, it immediately lights up (the blocks are not hot to touch when being moved or rearranged).

There are a couple of minor niggles with the light though. The light isn’t quite bright enough to be used a reading light or desk light. Whilst it does look cool with its various designs and images we feel it is more suited as a night light, or just something to add a small bit of light / style to a room (maybe when watching television or even playing Minecraft) – it really could do with having brighter bulbs (although brighter bulbs might increase the heat making them too hot to touch to move around?).  The other slight issue we found was that the paint on the blocks does get scratched very easily with constantly moving and rearranging them and are more noticeable when the light is switched on. Having said that, it doesn’t spoil the overall effect and didn’t dampen our Minecraft fan’s love of her new desk light.

A cool night light with moveable light blocks for Minecraft fans that will look great in a bedroom. Not really any good for reading or doing homework with but is a cool addition to decorate a child’s room. Children will really enjoy being able to create their own designs. It would make a rather different gift this Christmas and no Minecraft fan would be disappointed with it (ours certainly isn’t).

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £37.50

For more information or to buy, visit lostuniverse.com.

DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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