Nerf BUNKR Competition Pack Review


Most of us probably remember throwing Nerf balls or running around firing Nerf darts (foam darts) from our foam-based weapons, the Nerf blaster dart guns, at our siblings and friends. After all, Nerf toys have been around since the late sixties and are still going strong. Now owners of the Nerf guns can take the action to the next level with the Nerf BUNKR Competition Pack – 4 inflatable obstacles to hide and take cover behind, either to launch your own attack or protect you from one!

The Nerf BUNKR Competition Pack lets you create your very own battlefield and Gamefield Zones with 4 inflatable pieces of urban themed obstacles and barriers: Road Barrier, Tyre Stack, Wood Crate, Waste Barrel.

Each officially licensed obstacle is a different shape and size, and some come with an integrated ammo cache (a hollow dip in the top surface to store spare darts). They can be played with indoors (if you have the space around your furniture) or when the weather permits, played outdoors as each one has a chamber at the base that can be filled with water to weight them down and give them more stability.

Overall, the children have loved these defensive barriers. They make the whole experience of playing with their Nerf guns and Nerf Wars much more interesting, especially as the set comes with BUNKR game cards to extend and enhance game play and team challenges with spawn cards, power cards and game cards that provide the players with different options during battle.

Inflating them is simple (although we do recommend using an electric pump or foot pump). We have an electric pump so it only took a couple of minutes to blow all four obstacles up. They are quite big so trying to blow them up manually would take a while. The good thing about inflating these is that they feature large 3-way valves for easy inflation and deflation without fearing the loss of air whilst inflating. When playing with them outside, there is a separate chamber on the base that can be filled with a small amount of water to give them some weight and act as a ballast so that they stay put (and don’t blow away!).

The obstacles are a very good size to hide behind (the tallest being about 84cm), even for most adults, and the dart holders in the tops make good storage (and makes the the children pick up the darts as they are playing to replenish their ammo dumps). The kids love running and hiding behind each one (getting plenty of exercise in the process) and planning their next attacks.

They feel quite strong and durable with their heavy duty vinyl construction, they handle the kids leaning and pulling on them very well and in the event of a puncture they can easily be patched (there are some patches included).

The Nerf BUNKR Competition Pack is an excellent addition to enhance the game play of Nerf wars and gives the kids some exercise as well. They can be played with indoors and outdoors (just remember to empty any water if playing indoors) and do an excellent job of helping to extend game play. To practice your aim, some even have integrated targets on the bottom to help you hone your skills.

A good quality and durable set that is lots of fun. Easily inflated and deflated.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £40

Available to buy from Amazon here.

DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. This review uses an affiliate link which we may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the link.


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