The Sock Game Review

2 to 10 Players | Ages 8+ | 5 to 30 Minute Playing Time

Sock Game

When it comes to board games and tabletop games there is a massive choice out there. Games come in all shapes and sizes, various themes and different ways of playing but we have never ever played one where we have to dig into a sock! The Sock Game from Green Bros. Games is played by sock diving (thankfully it comes with a clean pair to use, you don’t have to resort to taking the smelly ones off your feet!).

The Sock Game is an interactive speedy sensory family game where the idea is to find objects hidden in a sock, yes, I said sock (the kind you put on your feet), just by touch alone – no looking or peeking is allowed. A game where you have to delve around in a sock to find specific objects to win points. It doesn’t sound like a fun game, but surprisingly it is and really is a lot of family friendly fun

In the box:

  • 1 Pair of Official Socks Game Socks
  • 2 Sets of 30 Game Items
  • Spinner Score Board
  • 2 Scoring Counters
  • Instructions

Playing the game is really simple and easy. Attach the spinner to the board and place the board in the centre of the table where all players can reach it. Fill the two socks with identical pairs of items, all 30 matching items go into each sock (you can even add your own small items to customise it as there are blank spaces where you write your own objects). Spin the spinner on the board to select the object players have to race against each other to find. Each player then thrusts their hand into the sock, letting their fingers do the “seeing” to try and find the specified object – but be warned some objects do feel very similar so choose wisely. Each item found is worth 1 point and the first player/team to reach 11 points is the winner.

A simple sounding game, just find an object in a sock and pull it out to win the point. It might sound simple, but it is a lot harder than you think! Many objects feel the same, so you do have to concentrate and be absolutely sure of the object you have found before pulling it out.

It is a bit more difficult to play than you would expect, especially as there are rules in place so that it is not too easy. If you are caught breaking any of the rules the opposing player or team automatically gets the point.

  • No Twosies – Only one hand is allowed in the sock. You can use your other hand to feel for objects outside of the sock.
  • No Twitching – never have your hand inside the sock before the spinner is spun and an object called.
  • No Peeking – do not roll the sock down to have a quick peek inside.

Overall, The Sock Game is hilarious fun that the whole family will enjoy. Who would have thought sock delving could be so much fun. A simple game where two socks are filled with identical items and players have to race against each other to feel their way to the correct object. Not being able to see what you are doing and using touch alone can be quite difficult.

The socks can be quite tight when burying your hand in one but that just makes it more fun as gives younger players a small advantage when playing against adults as they can remove their hands just that little bit easier.

The game is very easy to play, not as simple as you think as many objects feel quite similar and the very few rules to follow make it simple to understand and play.

The Sock Game is a sensory game that is very competitive and lots of fun. The only problem we had with this game was where to store it – does it go in the sock drawer or on the board games shelves?

A family friendly fun sensory game.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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