Playfoam® Go! Review

Playfoam Go!

There are not many craft activities that children can take with them out and about, in the car or just moving from room to room. Craft sets are generally too big, need extra items to go with them or are just impossible to do without having a large surface to work from. And if you could find a craft activity that was portable, would it be interesting enough for kids to want to take it with them? That’s where Playfoam® Go! comes in. Playfoam Go! from Learning Resources is a portable creative solution for on-the-go shaping fun!

Kids love Playdough, but adults don’t as it messy and seems to get everywhere. It also invariably turns into a sludgy shade of brown by the time it’s been used a few times, and it really isn’t a portable activity. Playfoam is similar to Playdough in the fact that is a mouldable and malleable substance but with HUGE differences – we would describe it as what looks like brightly coloured tiny balls (think of polystyrene balls you would find in packaging) that are bound together in a semi-sticky goo. It is non-toxic with a no-stick formula (it only sticks to itself and not to hair, clothing or the carpets), it never dries out and certainly leaves no mess. It can be moulded into shapes to make anything you want and taken apart and reused as many times as you like.

Playfoam Go! is the perfect portable shaping and building craft activity as it comes in its own sectioned carry case (measures 23cm in length) with eight different coloured blocks of Playfoam, each in its own compartment (each brick measures 5cm H x 6cm W). The inside of the lid even has four built-in shape moulds (triangle, star, circle and square). It is suitable for children aged 3 years old and upwards, is excellent for imaginative and creative play, and perfect for supporting sensory & tactile development.

Using these squishy, squashy bead-like bricks is great fun. The kids loved pulling it about, squashing, rolling and shaping it to make all sorts of different models. The moulds in the lid helped make shapes easily. And with its no-stick formula, anything created can be broken down and you can start all over again, and again, and again. And once finished with, it can be squashed down and stored in the compartments in the carry case ready to be used again.

This Playfoam travel set is an innovative bundle of squishy foam that makes building shapes and models really enjoyable for the kids, and with no mess for the adults. The strong carry case makes a perfect storage solution for the Playfoam bricks and the latch on the case makes it easy for the kids to take it with them securely (for now it is just into each other’s bedroom, or in the car on a trip to the supermarket).

It is good fun and even the adults enjoyed playing with it (its like playing with a stress ball). It encourages creative play and is very tactile and sensory stimulating. An engaging and creative craft activity that is perfect for the art and creativity side of home schooling and also just to have fun and relax.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £17

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DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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