Stealth SX-C160 Ultimate Gaming Station Review

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We love playing on the Xbox One® in house. We all have our individual favourite games as well as games we play together (kids and adult games), and of course family games so that we can all sit down to play as a family. But keeping all the necessary controllers and headsets tidy can be quite a challenge and then there is remembering to charge up ALL of the controller batteries.

With Christmas approaching, lots more of you will be giving or even lucky enough to receive an Xbox as a gift. If that is the case, you might want to think about some extra accessories to go with it. Batteries for the Xbox wireless controller tend to be eaten at a rate of knots so a rechargeable battery pack is a must have and playing online with your friends needs a gaming headset. More equipment to worry about.

Well to enhance the gaming experience on your Xbox One®, Stealth have created the SX-C160 Ultimate Gaming Station for the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X (they do also have one available for the PS4 and PS5). Somewhere to store your gaming headset and charge your wireless controller battery all in the same neat and tidy place and free from damage, as well as keeping your wireless controller fully charged. And they kindly sent us one to try out.

The Stealth SX-C160 Ultimate Gaming Station comes complete with Station Base, Single Charging Dock, Headset Stand, Gaming Headset and a rechargeable battery for the new Xbox One® wireless controller. The Station Base is equipped with integrated cooling vents, a single charging dock and a headset stand.

Out of the box it is all very easy to set up. The supplied USB cable plugs in underneath the gaming station and then plugs in to the Xbox, the headset stand just clips into place. The supplied gaming headset sits neatly on the headset stand, neatly stored so it is always ready for use, you always know where it is and there is less likelihood of it getting damaged. The rechargeable battery pack replaces the batteries and battery cover on your controller and then the controller sits in the charging dock to charge, again neatly out of the way and always giving you a fully charged battery.

When charging the battery/controller there is a handy LED indicator on the charging station so that you know it is charging and when it is complete and it even charges whilst the Xbox is in standby mode (Charge to Play). If you have been having a big gaming session, or you have just forgot to put your controller on to charge, and the batteries are depleted you can still continue to play with the Play and Charge feature. Just unplug the USB cable from the charging dock and plug it directly into the battery on the controller, you will now still be able to play and charge the battery at the same time.  This rechargeable battery will save an absolute fortune as you won’t be constantly having to buy and change batteries.

The Gaming Headset is a lightweight wired headset complete with an adjustable headband, soft foam cushion ear cups (these tilt and twist to fold flat when not in use). They feel comfortable when using and the sound is very clear. No gaming headset is complete without a microphone, and these feature a flexible microphone that you can bend into the right position for you, and again this is very clear when using. The headset also features game/chat volume controls with mute. As this is a wired headset that will see a lot of use and movement, the cable is braided so will be much more durable and will last much longer.

Overall, this is a very good accessory for the Xbox. We found that it keeps everything neat and tidy (and the kids are actually putting the controller and headset on it rather than leaving them down somewhere) and we are not hearing complaints of flat batteries as the battery is always fully charged. The headset is basic but has very good clear audio, is lightweight and durable and stores neatly away.

If you have an Xbox, or hope to be getting one for Christmas, this is a must have accessory. Not only does it keep that all important battery fully charged ready for you to play but it keeps everything neatly all in one place ready to go. And it reduces the risk of the controller or headset getting misplaced or broken and just makes the room look so much tidier.

An excellent accessory and one that is helping the kids be so much tidier.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99 (Xbox One / PS4) / £39.99 (Xbox Series S/X / PS5)

For more information, visit Stealth Gaming. Available to buy from Smyths Toys.

DISCLOSURE: We received these products for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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