Working from Home: Creating your own Home Office

Home Office

We live in a world packed with technology; phones, computers, tablets, fast internet and lots more, and that means a lot more of us can work from home. Before the worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic working from home wasn’t something that was done on a big scale, once we started having full and partial lockdowns more of us were forced to work from home if we could and children being home educated. Now lockdowns are over some companies still offer the flexibility of homeworking. Whilst some may enjoy it and cope very well, others don’t have the discipline to do it.

To successfully work from home, you really do need to find some space to set up a small home office, whether that is a spare room or a space set aside in the corner of a room where you can go and work. Home working doesn’t just mean grabbing a laptop and working from wherever you feel like, you do need some structure and discipline.

If you are having to work from home, whether through choice, lockdown or even self-isolation, then a dedicated workspace or home office is a must. Whilst being able to work from home in the comfort of your own surroundings sounds great, it can be a lot harder than you think. You will no longer be surrounded by colleagues, there will be no one to have a chat with and you can get easily distracted by social media, television or chores around the house.

By setting up your own home office it will be much more practical, you’ll be able to work far more efficiently and be much more productive. Having something that is practical but also looks good, is cosy and comfortable and have all the equipment needed to fulfil your work commitments is no small feat.

Working from home can be very rewarding and less stressful, but only if you are structured, disciplined and productive. You will need to set yourself some rules to follow and stick to them:

  • Start with getting washed and dressed for the day, no working in your pyjamas
  • Set regular working hours and stick to them – with the kids off school make sure that this can also fit in around them
  • Set work boundaries
  • Make daily/weekly to do lists
  • Use a planner or diary to map out your working day/week
  • Take regular breaks
  • Make sure any company data is secure
  • Keep in touch with colleagues
  • Keep your phone charged

To help you along the way, Our Family Reviews have been reviewing items such as an eco-friendly wireless printer, a wireless phone charger that backs up your data, a powerline kit to extend your internet throughout the house, and more. We hope that these items might just give you some inspiration to create your own perfect workspace and make working from home that little bit easier.


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