Ghosted Review

3-6 Players | Age 10+ | 30 Minutes Playing Time


We have a few whodunnit board games that require players to use logic and deduction skills to work out who committed a crime, and we really enjoy them. We love taking on the role of a detective to piece together the clues and evidence to catch the wrongdoer. Ghosted, from Big G Creative, is family deduction game with a twist – rather than a game of whodunnit it is more of a game of BOO-dunnit!

Ghosted is a family-friendly deduction game for 3-6 players, aged 10+, with a playing time of around 30 minutes. A mix of Cluedo and Guess Who.

A murder has been committed. You’ve come to an untimely end, been offed, put to rest, kicked the bucket, fatally finished. You’ve been GHOSTED! Your restless spirit won’t be calm until you solve your own demise from the great beyond. Identify which suspect had it in for you, what wacky weapon they used, and why they wanted you out of the picture. Solve the murder from beyond the grave and be the first to figure it out in this spirited game of Boo-Dunnit!

In the box:

  • 6 Evidence Boards​
  • 36 Cards featuring original illustrations​
  • 1 Die​
  • 6 Dry Erase Markers​
  • 6 Tokens​
  • Instructions

In Ghosted, all players take on the role of a ghost and have to solve their own murder through a process of elimination, asking questions and gathering evidence to deduce who the killer is, their motive and the murder weapon.

Setting up is simple. The evidence boards are already assembled so each player gets an evidence board and a dry erase marker. Separate the cards into their own decks (Suspect, Weapon and Motive). Each player gets given a suspect card, weapon card and motive card (they can’t look at these) and these are placed face out on the evidence board so that other players see what’s on the cards except the player they belong to. Shuffle the remaining cards together and distribute equally to each player. Each player can look then look at their own cards (not the ones on the evidence board) and mark off what they have on their evidence board.

You are now just about ready to start, all that’s left to do is pick the starting player. Unlike most games where the youngest starts first Ghosted has a much more interesting way of deciding it – all players take it in turns to do a ghost impression and the player with the best one goes first. 

The game is played by rolling the die. The die has symbols rather than numbers: Y/N, question mark, magnifying glass, ghost, weapons and scales of justice.

  • Y/N – lets the active player ask a player of their choice a question, but the answer can only be yes or no.
  • Ghost symbol – lets you guess two suspects.
  • Magnifying Glass symbol – lets you guess motive.
  • Weapons symbol – lets you guess weapon used.
  • ? symbol – this is wild and you can choose any of the other five actions.
  • Scales of Justice symbol – you can guess one weapon, one suspect and one motive and the other players can tell you how many you have got correct – but not which ones!

If you roll the die and it lands on a symbol for one of the cards that you have already solved, then you receive a Ghost token. This token gives you the choice of which die action you want the next time an unusable die face is rolled.

Your evidence board contains lists of all suspects, weapons and motives and by process of elimination you must check off as many as you can to fathom out who is responsible for your demise and why.

When you think that you have figured out all the answers you can call it out – get all three correct and you win the game but get any one the three wrong and you are out of the game with the game continuing with the remaining players.

Overall, Ghosted is an excellent humorous family game of deduction. Similar to Cluedo but so much more fun – it has suspects with great names, wacky weapons and really mad motives as well as funny suspect stories and hilarious motives.

The game has been well thought-out, and the character descriptions are really amusing and a good play on words to create their names. Motives have been brought into the present with ‘blocked on social media’ and ‘one star review’ amongst them and weapons used even features a selfie stick. The cards all have excellent illustrations of the suspects, weapons and motives.

The game is really easy to understand and play and the updated modern elements make it appealing to all age groups and really fun to play.

Ghosted is an excellent game of hilarious deduction. It is an excellent family game where all age groups can quite happily play along together. The evidence boards work extremely well keeping track of all your evidence (the only negative being that we would have liked the card used to have been a bit thicker) and wipe clean after use nicely.

We have all loved playing Ghosted and really enjoy the humour and simple game play, whilst having to use logic and deduction to be the top ghost detective.

Lots of spirited fun. A fun way to discover BOO-DUNNIT!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

DISCLOSURE: We received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. This review uses an affiliate link which we may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the link.


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